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Philippine Air Force Modernization Projects

The MaxDefense's AFP Modernization Program Project Database was inspired by Defense Industry Daily's format, of creating a library of AFP Modernization Program projects as a resource that will be updated occasionally as corresponding new information becomes available.

This would take some time to build up as we are doing this from scratch, and only during free time.

Credits to original creator of illustration. For representation only.


2013-2028 Revised AFP Modernization Program under RA 10349:

Horizon 2:

1. Multi-Role Fighter Aircraft:
    - Pre-procurement selection phase completed, awaiting final approval by Malacanang. To be acquired through G2G process.

2. Multi-Role Fighter Munitions System:
    - Pre-procurement phase ongoing. To be dependent on the Multi-Role Fighter Aircraft to be acquired.

3. Air Surveillance Radar System (Phase 2) - Mitsubishi Electric J/FPS-3ME and J/TPS-P14ME air defense radar systems:
    - To be acquired through G2G with Japan, awarded to Mitsubishi Electric Corp. with the J/FPS-3ME fixed radar, and J/TPS-P14ME mobile radar. Contract signed with MELCO on 14 August 2020, NTP released on same day.

4. Ground Based Air Defense System (GBADS) - Rafael SPYDER MR air defense system:

    - Awarded and contracted to Rafael Advance Systems, for delivery by 2021-2022.

5. Combat Utility Helicopter (Phase 3):
    5a. Sikorsky-PZL Mielec S-70i Black Hawk Combat Utility Helicopter
      - Awarded and contracted, awaiting delivery starting 4th quarter 2020.

6. Attack Helicopter (Phase 2):
     - To be acquired through G2G process. Current selection is Turkish Aerospace Industries T129 ATAK, but is dependent on ability of TAI to supply subsystems to supply the helicopters.

7. Commnd and Control Fixed Wing Aircraft (Jet and Turboprop)
    7a. EADS-CASA C-295 Command and Control Aircraft

      - Delivered 14 October 2019, formally accepted and commissioned with PAF on 12 November 2019. Project Completed.
    7b. Gulfsteam G280 Command and Control Aircraft
       - Awarded to Gulfstream Aerospace through US FMS Program, handed over to PAF on 17 September 2020, delivered on 20 September 2020. Formally accepted with PAF on 21 September 2020. Project Completed.

8. Unmanned Aerial Systems (Level 3):
    8a. Elbit Hermes 450 MALE UAS
      - Delivery ongoing, delivery of all UAVs and other equipment completed as of 2nd quarter 2020.
    8b. Elbit Hermes 900 MALE UAS
      - Delivery ongoing, delivery of UAVs and other equipment completed as of August 2020.

9. Bell 412 Directional Infrared Counter Measures:
    - currently on-hold. 

10. FA-50 Alternate Mission Equipment
      - pre-procurement phase ongoing as of mid-2020.

11. Medium Lift Aircraft:
      - Pre-procurement phase ongoing, to be acquired through G2G process.

12. C-130H with Avionics Upgrade and ILS
      - Delivery delays, rescheduled for delivery starting 4th quarter 2020.

13. Trainer Aircraft
      - Selection evaluation ongoing.

14. PAF Aviation Engineering Equipment
      - pre-procurement, procurement, and post-procurement process ongoing as lots are being processed individually and separately from each other.

      15a. Lot 1: Joint AFP Collaboration Management System
        - Awarded and contracted, for delivery.
      15b. Lot 2: Ground to Air Radio Communications System
        - Awarded and contracted, for delivery.
      15d. Lot 4: UHF-FM Radio Communications System
        - Awarded and contracted, for delivery.

16. Basing Support System (Phases 2, 3, 4) @ Pag-asa Island
      - pre-procurement phase, dependent on completion of Base Support System Phase 1 under GHQ-AFP.

17. Light Armor Systems Upgrade (LARSU) (PN-PAF Joint Project)

- Awarded to Larsen & Toubro, for delivery by 2020.

Special Projects within Horizon 2:

1. Transfer of 2 Bell AH-1S Cobra Attack Helicopters from Kingdom of Jordan:
     - Delivered 26 November 2019, currently undergoing operationalization, awaiting formal commissioning.

2. Transfer of OV-10A/G Bronco Attack Aircraft from US - CANCELLED
    - Project cancelled as of early 2020.

3. Rocket, 2.75" Guided Advance Tactical Rocket (GATR) Guidance System (Phase 1):
     - Delivery completed as of October 2019. 

2nd List of Horizon 2:

1. Additional Light Lift Aircraft

2. Heavy Lift Helicopters

3. AH-1S Cobra Helicopter (Jordan Donation) Night Fight System Upgrade:

4. Command and Control Helicopters

5. Brand New Additional Transport Aircraft

Horizon 1:

1. Air Surveillance Radar (Phase 1) - IAI Elta ELM-2288ER AD-STAR Extended Range Air Defense Radar System
    - delivered. 1 unit fully operational, 1 unit undergoing operationalization, 1 unit for installation as of mid-2020.

2. Close Air Support Aircraft - Embraer A-29B Super Tucano
    - for delivery early 2020, delayed due to COVID-19 restrictions. Delivery rescheduled to July 2020.

3. Combat Utility Helicopter (Phase 1) - Bell Helicopters Bell 412EP:
    - delivered and fully operational.

4. Fighter/Surface Attack/Lead-in Fighter Trainer - Korea Aerospace Industries FA-50PH Fighting Eagle
     - delivered and fully operational. 5. Long Range Patrol Aircraft:
    - currently on-hold as of mid-2020.

6. F/SAA/LIFT Basing Support System:

7. Air Defense Radar Basing Support System:

8. Long Range Patrol Aircraft Basing Support System:

9. F/SAA/LIFT Munitions:
    9a. Lot 1: Short Range Air-to-Air Missiles - Raytheon-Diehl Defense AIM-9L/I-1 IR missile
         - awarded to Raytheon-Diehl Defense in 2017. Delivery ongoing.

    9b. Lot 2: Air-to-Surface Missiles - Raytheon AGM-65G Maverick missile
         - awarded to Raytheon in 2017. First batch delivered, delivery of succeeding batches ongoing.
    9c. Lot 3: Chaffs and Flares

    9d. Lot 4: 20mm Ammunition:

10. Full Motion Flight Simulator:

11. C-130 Hercules - C-130T Hercules heavy tactical transport aircraft
      - delivered and in operational service.

2nd List of Horizon 1

1. FA-50 Flight Simulator with ILS:

2. FA-50 Communications Security Requirements:

3. Full Motion Flight Simulator Support Facility:

Special Projects within Horizon 1:

1. FA-50 Capability Upgrade: 

1995-2010 AFP Modernization Program under RA 7898:

1. VHF/UHF Repeater:

2. Military Lensatic Compass:

3. Aerial Surveillance Camera:

4. UH-1H Commercial Acquisition:

5. Fokker F-27-500 Aircraft Acquisition:

6. UH-1H (EDA) Support Acquisition/Upgrade:

7. Basic Trainer Aircraft - Alenia Aermacchi SF-260FH

8. Combat Utility Helicopter (Phase 1) - PZL Swidnik W-3A Sokol

9. OV-10 SLEP Upgrade:

10. MD-520MG Upgrade:

11. Enhancement of REI/PMEI

12. Basing Support System (Phase 2):

13. Search and Rescue Basing (Palawan and Sanga-Sanga):

14. Basing and Hangarage Support Development:

15. Attack Helicopter (Phase 1) - AgustaWestland AW109E Power

16. Refurbished UH-1 Helicopter - Bell-Dornier UH-1D Huey

17. Medium Lift Fixed-Wing Aircraft - Airbus-CASA C295M

18. Light-Lift Fixed-Wing Aircraft - PTDI NC-212i

19. Medium Lift Aircraft Integrated Logistics Support:

20. Search and Rescue Seaplane - CANCELLED

21. Multi-Purpose VVIP/Presidential Helicopters - CANCELLED


  1. Ac130 gunship nalang i- aquire ng PAF. USA is retiring their ah130 soon baka Tutal wala naman nangyari sa ATAK helicopters.

  2. Good day Sir;
    Ano na po ba ang update about mrf for PAF?

  3. Sana gripen e nlng.. If f16 c/d viper dapat bago.. Sana aabot mn lng ng 8 units.. Para squadron..

  4. The latest batch of F-35A now costs less than the F-16V. Would there be any reason still to get the F-16V over the F-35A given that the former is now more expensive than the latter?

  5. Sana dumami pa gamit ntin para lumakas tayo

  6. Sana dumami pa gamit ntin para lumakas tayo

  7. I hope the AFP can look for more disaster and NBC warfare equipment and also Electronic related equipment. Also One new Base state in art equipment away for city (stratigical wise)

  8. we want JAS 39C/D W/ NEW upgraded AESA Radar now 20months.its affordable,economical to operate maintain.

  9. Jas 39E/F is best for PAF @$85m/ 2025.Its advanced 5th gen. avionics sensors comparable F35 DAS .Smart intelligent A.I. jet figther.EASA Raven radar,IRIST skyward G,economical OP cost.deployable island roads.acts as co pilot independently w/ stealth capacity due best jammer anti jam pods.

    1. True, but the one sweden offered is the gripen c/d not the e/f.

  10. PAF should consider buying A400M Atlas. It's much better in terms of capacity and range than the C130 Hercules.

  11. The PAF should consider the Airbus A400M Atlas if they want to boost the airlift capabilities of the country. The A400M is better in many aspects when compared to the trusted C130. At least 2 units would be a big boost to the the airlift capabilities og PAF.


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