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Trucks, 2 1/2-ton Troop Carrier & Wrecker Acquisition Project of the Philippine Army and Philippine Navy (Marines)

The Philippine Army and the Philippine Navy (on behalf of the Philippine Marine Corps) has embarked on the acquisition of more 2 1/2-ton 6x6 Trucks to improve its mobility and logistics capability, and to replace older trucks of the same category.

The Philippine Army is also looking at improving its capability to support its fleet of vehicles by adding the acquisition of 2 1/2-ton 6x6 Wreckers, which could be useful considering the service operates hundreds of old trucks that could be prone to breakdowns.

These planned purchases will be undertaken under the Trucks, 2 1/2-ton Troop Carrier & Wrecker Acquisition Project of the Philippine Army and Philippine Navy (Marines). Joining the acquisition between the two services will enable practicality and to command a better price through Economies of Scale. 

The KIA KM250 6x6 Troop Carrier (top) and the 6x6 Wrecker (above) were expected to win the job. Photos taken from KIA Headquarters website.

Project Summary:

Trucks, 2 1/2-ton Troop Carrier and Wrecker Acquisition Project:

Note: Edited as of 28 June 2019.

* End User: Philippine Army (multiple units), Philippine Marine Corps (multiple units)

* Quantity: Army: 190 units Troop Carriers, 10 units Wreckers
                   Navy (Marines): 37 units Troop Carriers

* Modernization Phase: Horizon 1 phase Second List Projects of RAFPMP

* Project ABC: Php1,200,000,000.00 (Army) + Php220,000,000.00 (Navy)

* Acquisition Mode: Government-to-Government (G2G) deal with the South Korean Ministry of Defense and Korea Trade Investment Promotion  Agency

* Source of Funding:
 GAA Funds through AFP Modernization Program Trust Fund

* SARO Release: SARO-BMB-D-17-0012294 dated 10 August 2017 worth Php1,418,821,000.00 to cover similar acquisition with the Philippine Navy. SARO released as of 11 August 2017.

* Winning Proponent: Korea Trade - Investment Promotion Agency

* Product for Delivery: 

    - 227 units KIA KM250 2 1/2-ton 6x6 Troop Carrier trucks
    - 10 units KIA KM250 2 1/2-ton 6x6 Wrecker trucks

* Contract Price:

* First post by MaxDefense: 02 September 2017

* MaxDefense Searching Hashtag:

* Status: All delivered as of March 2018.

U P D A T E S:

02 September 2017:

As posted on MaxDefense's community social media page:

With the SARO released this month, the AFP may have or is in the process of awarding a Php1.5 billion contract to KIA Motor Co. of South Korea to supply 190 KM-250 2 1/2-ton 6x6 troop carrier trucks and 10 KM-250 2 1/2-ton 6x6 Wreckers for the Philippine Army, and 37 KM-250 2 1/2-ton 6x6 Trucks for the Philippine Navy/Marine Corps.

A separate SARO and contract may have been provided to KIA Motors for another 108 units of KM-450 1 1/4-ton 4x4 Utility Vehicles for the Philippine Navy/Marine Corps worth Php313.956 million.

The Army vehicles are part of the "2nd List of Horizon 1" funded by what was originally intended for the SBMS project, while the Navy/Marine vehicles were part of the same list but funded separately. The deal is a G-to-G like all other contracts with KIA.

A KIA KM250 6x6 Troop Carrier as operated by the Philippine Marine Corps (PMC). Photo take from Wikipedia.

01 November 2017:
The DND has finally released the Notice to Proceed (NTP) last 18 October 2017, and was received by 
Korea Trade  - Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA) representative on 23 October 2017.

In addition, the Contract for the project was signed on 20 October 2017 between the DND and KOTRA.

The NTP serves as the basis for the delivery deadline countdown for Kia Motors on behalf of KOTRA to deliver the trucks.

The NTP also gives KOTRA and Kia Motors the signal that the deal has indeed been confirmed as it includes securing payment for the initial deposit, which is usually around 15% of the total cost.

A copy of the Notice to Proceed (NTP) released on October 2017. Photo taken from DND's website.

First edit and release: 28 June 2019
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