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Philippine Coast Guard Modernization Projects

The MaxDefense's AFP & PCG Modernization Program Project Database was inspired by Defense Industry Daily's format, of creating a library of AFP & PCG Modernization Program projects as a resource that will be updated occasionally as corresponding new information becomes available.

This would take some time to build up as we are doing this from scratch, and only during free time.


1. 7-meter Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat with Outboard Motor

2. 11.5-meter High Speed Response Boats Small
 - Awarded to Pacificfortia Marine Technologies, delivery expected to be completed by late January 2020.

3. Light to Medium Multi-Purpose Twin Engine Helicopter with EO/IR Camera
 - Delivered to the Philippine Coast Guard

4. Light to Medium Multi-Purpose Twin Engine Helicopter

5. 94-meter Multi-Role Response Vessels
 - Awarded to Mitsubishi Shipbuilding Co. Ltd. on January 2020.



  1. we need big vessel sa PCG na may naval gun kc yung ibang bansa na coast guard nila meron naval gun na sa pilipinas wala pano ma pproteksyunan ang barko kng walang naval gun na kasama..

  2. I think we should cannibalize those 40mm guns and other armed naval assets from the decommissioned Philippine Navy ships probably some of these maybe already transferred to other naval assets it may needed refurbishment though it need a few more modern electro fire control system and they are ready to be fitted

  3. PCG, i dream for you to launch a few coastguard-owned, medium sized, Ro-Ro/Passenger type HOSPITAL SHIPS, maybe 3 or more, if you can manage your funds and or solicit locally. Or maybe refurbish an old one.

    It would be the 1st of its kind.

    As much as we badly need maritime patrol boats for our coastline, ours being an archipelago with limited funds and limited hospital facilities, and MANY sick kababayan in the islands... A hospital ship would be a godsend.

    Just an idea.

  4. PCG, would you entertain the crazy idea of acquiring/refurbishing unused or retired medium sized tankers or passenger ships to be used as Mobile Offshore Base (MOB) outpost/station anchored out in the open seas to protect our coastline?

    Under the guise of environmental protection & research (oceanography, marine reasearch, with weather radars, early detection of boats & planes, SAR & as border light beacon for ships), so that at least we can have a more solid claim to our borders being disputed by China and other countries?

    Just a thought.


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