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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Philippine Air Force Flight Plan 2028 - A Mid-Year 2015 Progress Update on the PAF's Horizon 1 & 2 Asset Acquisition and Bases Development

Previously, MaxDefense discussed the Philippine Air Force's (PAF) medium term goal (2015-2022) under their organization plan titled PAF Flight Plan 2028. Most of the entry was devoted to the PAF's equipment acquisition and organizational changes until 2022 that will allow the establishment to achieve their goals to build a capability to detect, identify, intercept, and neutralize intrusions in the Philippine Air Defense Identification Zone from Area Readiness 4 to 3 by 2022. For those who weren't able to follow, you may read our earlier blog entry by clicking the links below:

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Other Acquisition Plans of the Philippine Air Force for its Medium Term "Flight Plan"

The advancement of the flight plan as of mid-2015 has produced modest results so far, with the program still in the early stages and is still about to gain traction.

This blog entry is a mid-year 2015 update on the progress made by the PAF in accordance to its Flight Plan 2028's acquisition of assets and bases development. Other factors of the Flight Plan like doctrines, training, human resources, and others are not discussed here.

KAI FA-50 and Munitions Acquisitions:

The PAF ordered 12 FA-50 from KAI, with the 1st 2 units expected to arrive either December 2015 or January 2016.

The PAF initially reported in the past that the first 2 units of the FA-50 lead-in fighter trainers it ordered from South Korea's KAI will be delivered by early December 2015, but it will depend on the capability of KAI to meet the schedule. Recent PAF information releases shows that there might be some changes in this, which could see the first 2 FA-50 delivered as late as the end of January 2016. The rest of the 10 units will be delivered by batches from 2016 until 2017.

Pilot training was provided for 3 PAF pilots with high flying time and experience with the PAF's AS-211 Warrior light jet aircraft. Pilot training was done at KAI's facility in Sacheon City, and in ROKAF's 1st Fighter Wing at Gwangju Air Base and 16th Fighter Wing at Yecheon Air Base. Ground crew training for maintenance will also be provided to existing Air Defense Wing personnel, which is scheduled from June to November 2015 in South Korea.

Officials from the Philippines led by President Benigno Aquino III (center) during the group's visit to view the KAI FA-50 at an airbase in Busan, South Korea in December 2014.

The DND and PAF is also expecting to award the contracts with a combined worth of around Php 4.5 billion ($99 million) to supply air launched munitions for the FA-50 by September 2015, if all issues regarding budget and procurement can be cleared by Malacanang and the DND before August 2015. Among those in the acquisition are short range air-to-air missiles on the same category or better than the Sidewinder AIM-9L/I-1 that was originally planned, air-to-ground missiles like the AGM-65 Maverick, 20mm cannon ammo, and countermeasures including chaffs and flares. No confirmation yet though if the air-to-air munitions will include medium-range beyond visual range (BVR) missiles similar to the Derby missile.

The AIM-9L/I-1 Sidewinder (above) is the so-called natural choice of the PAF for the FA-50's requirement for short range air-to-air missile, although it is still unclear if the PAF is open to award a contract to other missile systems like the Israeli Python missile.
Photo taken from Wikicommons.

Air Defense Surveillance Radar System Acquisition:

The DND has already awarded the contract for 3 air defense surveillance radar systems to IAI-Elta of Israel for the Elta ELM-2288 AD-STAR system. It is not expected for the radars to be in the country within the year, but the first system could be delivered and online by 2nd quarter of 2016. As part of the deal, a gap filler radar is expected to be fielded by the PAF using a radar system provided by IAI-Elta as part of the deal. Originally MaxDefense posted that this radar system will be used to help secure the airspace as part of the APEC Summit in November, so it is expected that the system will be activated before November 2015.

The IAI-Elta ELM-2288 AD-STAR air defense surveillance radar system.
Photo taken from IAI-Elta website.

Long Range Patrol Aircraft Acquisition:

Currently, the re-bidding for the acquisition of 2 units Long Range Patrol Aircraft (LRPA) has not yet started as of this writing, without formal confirmation from the PAF on the reason why. But recent agreements between the Philippine government and the US and Japanese governments might have an impact on this project. Previous press reports indicated that the both the US and Japanese governments may provide the Philippines of used and refurbished Lockheed P-3C Orion maritime patrol aircraft, either by grant or sale. There was previous information indicating the possibility of the Americans providing between 1 or 2 units, while Japan may provide somewhere between 2 to 4 units. If traced back to the PAF's Flight Plan 2028, the PAF is planning to acquire 4 LRPA in 2 batches, targetted to arrive by 2016 and 2020, respectively.

Should the plan to acquire P-3C Orion from either the US and/or Japan comes to fruition, it is expected that the PAF and DND may totally cancel the acquisition of new platforms, subject to the performance and longetivity of the P-3s and availability of additional funds after 2020.

Japan and the US are being touted to provide the Philippines with the Lockheed P-3C Orion maritime patrol aircraft, either by sale or grant, to improve the maritime surveillance and domain awareness capability of the country.

Repair of PAF Air Bases and Air Stations:

Several existing facilities of the PAF are slated, or are currently undergoing repair and rehabilitation as part of the Flight Plan, to enable them to accept the upcoming new PAF assets.

Among those already in the advance stages are the basing facilities for Search and Rescue (SAR) units of the PAF at Antonio Bautista Air Base in Palawan and the Sanga-Sanga Air Station in Tawi-Tawi which were awarded last year.

Also being prepared is the new base for the 15th Strike Wing, which is scheduled to vacate their home base at Antonio Bautista Air Base (Sangley Point) in Cavite to give way to civilian development. The unit will be transfering to the Lumbia Airport in Cagayan de Oro, which was transfered to PAF after civilian traffic was permanently transfered to the new Laguindingan Airport.

Other basing projects are being prepared to accommodate several new upcoming assets:

1. Antonio Bautista Air Base (Palawan), Basa Air Base (Pampanga), and Subic International Airport (Zambales) will be prepared and refitted to accomodate air defense aviation assets, which will include the AS-211, the FA-50, the future MRF. It is also expected that all 3 air bases will also benefit from construction work related to the PH-US Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA) which is still waiting for approval with the Supreme Court, and possibly the Philippine Senate.

Subic Intenational Airport is expected to be turned-over to the Philippine Air Force to host air defense and territorial defense assets due to its close proximity to the West Philippine Sea conflict areas.
Photo taken from Philippine Airspace blogsite.

2. The facilities at the Paredes Air Station in Ilocos Norte, Gozar Air Station in Lubang Island, and Salakot Air Station in Palawan were chosen to accept the first batch of Air Defense Surveillance Radar systems from Israel. It was reported previously that these air stations will be undergoing repair and rehabilitation works to enable the acceptance of new radar systems, as well as other support systems related to its function.

This is how Gozar Air Station looks like in the late 1960s when the Americans were helping the Philippine Air Force maintain the facility. Today it is in poor shape and requires rehabilitation work.
Photo taken from

3. Fernando Air Base (Batangas), Antonio Bautista Air Base (Palawan), and Edwin Andrews Air Base (Zamboanga) are scheduled for improvements to accomodate Long Range Patrol Aircraft / Maritime Patrol Aircraft assets, which includes erection of additional hangar and support facilities. The bases are expected to be partially ready by 2016.

4. Ground Based Missile Air Defense assets will also be requiring their own facilities, and the initial bases to receive these assets are the Paredes Air Station (Ilocos Norte), Gozar Air Station (Lubang Island), and Basa Air Base (Pampanga). The missile systems will be working hand-in-hand with the Air Defense Surveillance Radar, while at the same time are expected to defend these radar and air defense facilities from air attacks.

The PAF's upcoming 780th Ground Base Air Defense Group is scheduled to receive guided missile air defense systems to defend air bases and radar sites from air attacks. 

5. Command and Control Facilities will be erected at the PAF Headquarters in Villamor Air Base, and will probably connected to the C4ISTAR system being developed for the entire Armed Forces of the Philippines.

6. Basing support systems will be improved together with the improvement of the airstrip and facilities at the Rancudo Air Station in Pag-asa Island, Kalayaan Group of Islands in the West Philippine Sea. Currently the runway is in poor condition, and plans to repair it has not been moving forward due to the government policy in relation to its case with the United Nations against China.

7. The use of Crow Valley Gunnery Range in Tarlac for aerial gunnery and bombing practice will be reimplemented, aside from the use of the range for ground military training and testing purposes. The Flight Plan includes a program on rehabilitating the facility for air force use.

Crow Valley Gunnery Range in Tarlac, as seen during the 1980s before the Mt. Pinatubo eruption. The facility will be rehabilitated by the PAF for aerial gunnery and target bombing training purposes.
Photo taken from Wikipedia.

Reactivation of the 105th Fighter Training Squadron and 5th Fighter Wing:

The PAF is scheduled to reactivate the 105th Fighter Training Squadron (105th FTS), which is the primary unit tasked to train pilots that are to be assigned to fly air defense aircraft like the AS-211 and FA-50. The unit previously operated T-33 Shooting Star and S-211 trainer jets in the past to prepare pilots to fly the F-5A/B Freedom Fighter and other PAF fighter aircraft in the past. It was expected that the activiation could be made by May 2015, although there is no confirmation yet if this was realized by now.

To consolidate its air defense aircraft assets, the PAF is also on its way to reactivate the 5th Fighter Wing (5th FW), its foremost air defense unit since the PAF's inception, to replace the current Air Defense Wing. This could become a reality by 2016. The 7th Tactical Fighter Squadron will return back to the 5th FW, and is expected to be the unit to receive the FA-50s. Like before, the 5th FW will be based in Basa Air Base in Floridablanca, Pampanga, although they would also be expected to operate from other bases including the Antonio Bautista Air Base in Palawan, and the Subic International Airport in Zambales, which is expected to be converted to a PAF air base with emphasis on territorial defense.

The PAF will revive the defunct 5th Fighter Wing to replace the Air Defense Wing. The 6th Tactical Fighter Squadron will be returned back to the unit, together with the reactivation of the 105th Fighter Training Squadron

Horizon 2 Asset Acquisitions:

The PAF has already started the acquisition planning for several assets that will be acquired as part of the Flight Plan's Horizon 2 phase, which is from 2017-2022. The PAF expects the acquisition planning for at least 6 systems to be completed by end of June 2015, and the procurement stage to proceed afterwards. Procurement for these systems may depend, and could either be by negotiated procurement or by public tender.

1. Ground Based Air Defense System:

With the formation of the 780th Ground Based Air Defense Group (780th GBADG) and the basing facilities in several PAF facilities to house the unit's assets, it is now expected that the PAF will be acquiring missile-based air defense systems. Previous press releases by the DND, AFP, and PAF pointed out to at least two systems: the SPYDER (Surface-to-Air PYthon & DERby) system from Rafael and IAI of Israel, and the Hawk XXI from US company Raytheon. Other systems were reportedly offered but official confirmations were not made as to what models were among those considered by the PAF or DND. There is no confirmed choice yet as of this writing, and anything can happen even after previous reports of interest from the DND, AFP, or PAF existed. MaxDefense previously covered the possibility of acquiring the SPYDER in a blog entry dated June 18, 2013.

3 systems are planned for acquisition by 2016, and another 3 systems are to be acquired by 2020. Each system will be based on one of the PAF's air bases or air stations, and are assigned to defend PAF facilities and nearby areas from air attacks.

2. Heavy Lift Helicopters:

To improve the helilift capability of the PAF, the 205th Tactical Helicopter Wing will be diversifying their fleet aside from its light combat utility helicopters by adding heavy lift helicopters into its inventory. Much empahsis was given by the PAF's lack of large helicopters that could carry huge amounts of cargo and personnel to areas without airfields as shown during the rescue and relief operations after the Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda in 2013. The PAF relied on US Marine Corps MV-22 Osprey to carry heavier load on affected areas, releagating the PAF's small UH-1H Huey and the Canadian Armed Forces CH-146 Griffon (similar to what the PAF's upcoming Bell 412EP) to lighter duties.

Great consideration will be on the helicopter's ability to load and unload cargo and men from a rear ramp, a feature present on two choices being eyed by the PAF if they decide to go brand new: the Boeing CH-47 Chinook of the US, and the AgustaWestland AW-101 from the UK. 2 units are eyed for procurement by 2019, and another 2 by 2022, although MaxDefense believes that the numbers and the schedule could change depending on funding and future decisions by the PAF to prioritize this project in anticipation of more HADR missions from natual disasters. It is also still unclear if the PAF will consider acquiring refurbished units due to the greater numbers it could acquire as compared to new ones using the same budget. 

Previously, Boeing announced a global offer to sell refurbished and modernized CH-47 Chinooks to friendly countries at a considerably lower price than their new CH-47F. The PAF could be among the possible buyers.

The Boeing CH-47F Chinook could be among those being eyed by the PAF for its heavy lift helicopter requirement should they consider new builds. If they prefer refurbished, Boeing could also offer refurbished ex-US Army CH-47Ds as a cheaper alternative.
Photo taken from Boeing's website.

3. Multi-Role Fighter Aircraft Acquisition:

As the FA-50 comes into service and prepare PAF's pilots into flying more advanced combat aircraft, the PAF has also started the acquisition planning to acquire multi-role fighters (MRF). Originally the PAF Flight Plan 2028 indicated a requirement to order an additional 12 SAA/LIFT aircraft, possibly more FA-50 from KAI, to beef up the PAF's requirements. But that could change due to the FA-50's limited capability compared to contemporary fighter aircraft fielded by its neighbors, particularly China. 

The FA-50, as discussed in several forums including in MaxDefense, is considered a bridge for the PAF from its existing aircraft and technology to modern fighter aircraft. Its size has affected a lot of performance factors, limiting the aircraft to light combat aircraft capable of air policing, point interception, and ground attack roles. Even South Korea will only be using the FA-50 to replace the F-5E/F Tiger II, while replacement for the F-4 Phantoms will be of a more capable type. 

The FA-50 has a limited range, limited carrying capacity, limited weapons compatibility, limited radar range and technology, and can be considered as totally substandard compared to larger, more expensive, and more capable fighter aircraft. This could become a deciding factor in the PAF's decision to skip acquiring more SAA/LIFT and instead start investing in acquiring multi-role fighters.

As reported by the PAF, they are about to finish the acquisition planning by the end of June 2015 and will be deciding soon on how the DND could implement the acquisition by either negotiated bid or through public tender. If the PAF will replace more SAA/LIFTs with the MRF, then they expect the PAF to have its new fighters by 2019. Should this happen, it is expected that the PAF may initially acquire 12 units, and may order another 12 units a few years later as part of its Horizon 2 (2017-2022) phase. 

Recently, Saab reported that the PAF has asked questions regarding their JAS-39 Gripen, but admitted that no formal process has started yet. Saab has been active in pushing their Gripen, and has been present in several of the PAF's annual Air Power Sympotiums and at ADAS 2014. 

Saab eyes the Philippines as a possible JAS-39 Gripen user, boasting of its low acquisition, maintenance, and operating costs,  STOL, quick turn-around rate, and ease of maintenance as its main points.

MaxDefense also expects American companies to push hard for their wares should the DND and PAF confirm an existing MRF acqusition project, with Boeing expected to bring their F/A-18E/F Super Hornet, and Lockheed Martin their F-16C/D Blk. 52 or F-16V. 

Due to pricing, MaxDefense believes that other European offers like the Eurofighter and the Dassault Rafale will probably pass on this project. This could change, however, if easy payment schemes, counter-trade, or alternative payments sponsored by the manufacturer's government could be offered and is acceptable to the Philippine government, similar to what France offered to Egypt when they accepted to acquire Rafales, its munitions, and FREMM frigates for the Egyptian Air Force and Navy. A Russian offer might be possible from either MAPO-MiG and Sukhoi, but MaxDefense highly doubts the PAF's interests on such.

Lockheed Martin is expected to offer their F-16C/D Blk. 52 or F-16V Viper should the PAF open a MRF acquisition project.
Photo taken from Lockheed Martin.

4. Aerial Early Warning and Control System Acquisition:

Another important project to fill in the gaps of the air defense capabilities of the PAF is for the acquisition of Aerial Early Warning and Control System (AEWACS) system. This is expected to be operated by the 300th Air Intelligence and Security Group (300th AISG)

The Northrop Grumman E-2D Advanced Hawkeye.
Photo from Kevin Whitehead - Jetwash Images c/o

MaxDefense received information that among the strongest offers were those made by Saab for its Erieye AEWC system, which Saab is offering together with its JAS-39 Gripen. Should Saab captures the MRF project, it is expected that a counter-offer involving the Erieye AEWC system could be provided by Saab, similar to what they provided to Thailand. 

Also a possible strong contender due to its recent wins in the Philippine military is IAI-Elta, which recently also have agreements with Airbus to supply the AEWC AESA radar systems for the C-295AEWC variant. With the PAF already a C-295 operator, its not far fetched for them to choose the Airbus-Elta offer.

An American offer could also be possible, with the Northrop Grumman E-2D Advanced Hawkeye, which was recently sold to Japan and is being actively marketed in the Asia Pacific region. 

Another possible offer could come from India, with their newly developed AEWC by India's Defence Research & Develpment Organization, which it recently showed-off using an Embraer ERJ-145 business jet platform.  

The PAF could have the choice of aircraft platform it wishes to use, and MaxDefense believes that Airbus' C-295 and Embraer's R-99 (EMJ-145) could be strong platform contenders, given Embraer's strong position to bag the pending Close Air Support Aircraft (CASA) project of the PAF. 

India has developed a new indigenous AEWC system, installed on an Embraer ERJ-145 business jet designated as a R-99 replacing the Saab Erieye.
Photo taken from AIN Online website.

5. Unmanned Aerial System and C2 Center:

The PAF has also released information on the impending completion of the acquisition planning for an Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) and Command and Control (C2) Center. The PAF also expects the acqusition planning to be completed by June 2015, although no definite deadline was announced on when they expect these assets to be in service.

The UAS could supplement the different surveillance systems presently available or being acquired by the PAF and the AFP as a whole. Being a maritime country with no land borders, it is expected that any UAS system will take maritime surveillance as its main role, assisting the LRPA/MPA assets of both the PAF and PN (yes, the PN are still expected to use their BN-2 Islander limited MPA) in detecting surface targets. 

Previously Elbit Systems of Israel presented the PAF with an offer to use its Maritime Hermes 900 UAS as maritime patrol assets, gaining positive response from PAF and PN representatives. 

Elbit previously presented the Hermess 900 Maritime Patrol UAS to the Philippine Air Force and Philippine Navy for their maritime patrol requirements, either as a stand-alone asset, or to complement other maritime patrol aircraft assets.
Photo taken from Elbit System's website.

The C2 Center will be used to closely coordinate and control all PAF aerial assets, radar systems, airbases and air stations from its headquarters in Villamor Air Base. It is also expected to be interconnected with the AFP's C4ISTAR system which the AFP intends to acquire very soon. This enables the AFP to have total control of all its units and assets during operations.

#  #  #  #  #  #  #  #

Being a mid-2015 report, this analysis is still subject to change, still being in the early part of the entire Flight Plan. But it is expected that the PAF will be using this to chart their course of action in the near future in a similar fashion as the Philippine Navy's Sail Plan 2020. So MaxDefense advices its readers to take this interpretation of the PAF Flight Plan 2028's mid-2015 report as dependent on the PAF and may not be 100% accurate.

Although the plan looks good, the PAF should also consider the threat at hand, with China already banging its feet inside Philippine EEZ and interests in the West Philippine Sea. Instead of being too reliant on this Flight Plan, MaxDefense believes that the PAF should also consider an alternative option emphasizing on a faster phased modernization dependent on the DND and AFP high command's ability to push its goals to the National Government (Executive and Legislative). Although it is already unexpected for the Aquino administrtion to do something better than what is already laid beforehand, the PAF should push harder for more funding and support to hasten its modernization and strengthening in the face of Chinese aggression.


  1. I suggest that e PAF come up with awareness program to enlighten our e important people of strong Air Force and air defense of the country so that it become a campaign to our stupid politician to push for a budget for the modernization of AFP particularly the PAF assets. Meron o walang threat dapat malakas ang air force and navy capability natin.

    1. I agree they must exert all their effort to wake this blind politicians.. kaya lang this politicians kapag kinausap mo sila dapat sabihin mo agad kung mag kano ang share nila per project para pakinggan ka nila..... mga bwesit!!!!

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      If anything, they will campaign for 2016 election and about how Philippine have improve under their leadership. Its a lie but its politicians.

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  2. If we are to wait for the PAF Flight Plan to be “maybe”completed by 2028, it will only be useful for defense of the Philippine mainland. Even before 2028, the whole Spratly Islands, KIG, Reed Bank, Scarborough Shoal are already under Chinese occupation, fully-protected with missile batteries, Chinese naval ships & PLA fighter-bombers, strike aircraft & air-superiority stealth fighters. And probably China is already extracting oil and natural gas from Reed Bank, Chinese fishing boats enjoying the rich fishing grounds inside our own EEZ and a Chinese Air Defense Identification Zone is in place at West Philippine Sea. If we are to prevent China from taking control of KIG & Reed Bank, our government should start this year leasing at least 4 squadrons of fully-armed MRFs & 12 missile-guided Frigates from US decommissioned military inventories in exchange to leasing out Subic Naval Base, Clark Air Base & 12 other military bases at the western side of the Phil. back to the US where it can have complete control & operate to deter China’s expansionist aggression. Change our Constitution to also allow Australia & Japan to operate air and naval bases in Palawan. This is the fastest way to attain credible defense against China. Talking about it being against our Constitution & Sovereignty, to hell with it bec. our government has already allowed China to trample and spit on our Sovereignty.

    1. I agree on some suggestion Bro... but leasing of 4 squadrons of MRF and 12 missile guided Frigate or kahit Destroyer pa yan china will not think even once. better that instead of leasing we must buy our own little by little after wards marami na yan.. its just need that our government politicians truly sincere on this issue.

    2. Nakakainis nga eh itong si PNOY hindi pa niya pinipirmahan p iyong ibang project para modernization ng AFP sa mesa niya. Nakanganga pa sa mesa niya...walang urgency eh. Dati dakdak ng dakdak siya sa ngayon walong ang aksiyon o mabagal pa sa pagong. alam niyo dapat ang mga heneral ay dapat marunong sa fighting pilit sa mga kailangan ng defense ng bansa hindi iyong walang kibo. o hindi sila nadidinig ng mga tax payers ng bansa.

    3. more coast guard assets muna to ram hulls with those chinese....afp hardware a little of each while afp personnel gets used to operating and maintaining these assets, will also be easier on the budget....this is why edca is very important to transition our afp to a more self-supported state which our trapoliticians led by sen.brenda cannot see.

    4. the senators see this alright but they are mere politicians and very much individualistic... they are very happy to stand out. that is why most senators are very divisive. see bongbong marcos, instead of filtering the BBL, he wants to create his OWN law. Even the annoyingly trying hard Ninoy-ka-lookalike Bam Aquino, he always want's to go against Pnoy's opinion because that where he thinks he will stand out.

  3. By the time we achieve the flight plan of the AFP all of our KIG isle were already occupied by CHINA our Government should exert more effort on this modernization, they should look in all possibilities on how we can expedite all of this AFP plan and the President should be act immediately on this request... actually its been a long time that all of the APF plan are already submitted to president Aquino!! if he really care why until now all of this project are still pending.... my goodness!!! what they are waiting for. mas inuuna pa nila politics!!!! and this supreme court they should act immediately on the pending new PHIL-US agreement para maka pwesto na strategic location yong mga barko ng US... also this senate politics are they care for our country???? kasi wala man lang ni isa sa kanila ang nag po push ng modernization. itong si Trillanes hanggang senate inquiry lang ang ginawa kinuntra pa ni Chiz....

  4. From Army Recognition website:

    "The I-Derby ER maintains legacy capabilities of Rafael's SPYDER air defense systems, and is designed for simplified integration on leading fighters, to include: F-16, F-15, Sukhoi-30, JAS-39 Gripen, Mirage-2000, LCA, and F/A-50."

    The missile incorporates the innovative I-Derby RF seeker, combined with a unique increase of kinematic performance, with launching range of 100 km.

    Sir Max, if the The I-Derby ER missile's range is 100 km, and as reported can be easily integrated with the FA-50, does this mean that the current FA-50 as is, is already BVR capable? I just want to know because of what use is 100 km launching range for your missile, if your plane can't detect an enemy plane at that range.

    1. According to this graphic FA-50 radar can detect a fighter at 100 km:

      According to the article I-Derby ER includes a data-link. This makes it possible to receive targeting data from another aircraft during the missile's flight. (Lock-On After Launch mode.)

  5. Binay, Lacson and Duterte are reportedly in favor of cooperation with China, and just recently Grace Poe has stated that the government should maintain good relations with China, should not rely on US.

    So we're left with no one but Roxas who's NOT going to win (and not that I'm in favor of him winning) - the last known candidate who has not endorsed China (yet).

    1. cooperation doesnt mean bending your behind for china to is only binay who is sure to sell philippine interests...let's give the others the benefit of doubt.

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    3. If Poe wins, I hope she sees China the way China should be viewed -- ambitious, imperialistic, treacherous, irresponsible, barbaric, untrustworthy among other things.

      Poe must be careful in her actions, and she must be clear, we're still in the side of Japan and the US. The bad guy is out in the open, there's no point in alienating our allies just for the sake of "cooperation" with China.

      Still, dealing with China in money making matters is a yes in my check box. But everything else is not negotiable.

      - Neo

  6. That CH-47 better not be the one that sale by the Australian, because Indonesia already bought it.

  7. eh bakit walang na rarally sa mga pilipino para pabilisin ang afp modernization? Dapat makita ng mga gungong ng mga politiko na gising ang masa at kailangan gumawa ng mga hakbang para palakasin ang air force at navyng bansa...hoy gising!!!

  8. Call me a skeptic but all the possible candidates for presidency have signaled their willingness to mend relationships with China at the expense of the country's interest. Maybe our country deserves to lose because majority of our people are living in sub-standard conditions and are apathetic to what is happening in our country and the important issue of soverreignty is something that is unlikely to catch the interest of the masses who are beset with problems of everyday existence. The country is in a state of decadence because we keep on electing people in high ranking government positions who are only interested in enriching themselves in office. Why do you think it does not bother them that Manila, the capital of our country is saturated with illegal settlers and slums who live side by side with the rich. The unintelligent, uneducated, unpatriotic and uninspired, corrupt political elite do not want to better the country because having gullible voters works in their favor. Time and time again they are promised a better life and for some reason they keep on electing these corrupt officials and with it the continued cycle of corruption, poverty and hopelessness. I bet you a hundred percent a lot of the modern equipment like missiles, submarines, warships and fighter jets will not materialize with the election of the candidates who already spoke on their willingness to fix relationship with China without taking a stand on the issue of sovereignty and protesting and asking back parts of our territory that have already been occupied. To make it simple they are going to sell-out the country's interest in favor of better relationship with China that will also better their pockets. Rodrigo Duterte, Grace Poe, Jejomar Binay, Lacson and many more candidates have voiced their intention to sell-out the country. I have yet to see a candidate who is strong and will make a stand. Unless real patriots like us in this forum come together and form a group to oppose these corrupt leaders by educating the masses thru all forms of media we will never be able to save the future of our country. We need to reach a large portion of the masses. We will not be able to do this with just blogs and articles on the internet as the great majority of our people still do not have access to the web. I want to see our country be better led. We deserve a better class of leaders. Leaders who will make our country economically and militarily strong and technologically advance. To all the readers of Max Defense, i hope we could meet each other and talk about important issues that affects our country's future. I could travel anywhere in the world to meet you guys and we could probably start an information drive to help our countrymen chose the right leaders. We have to act if we are to save our country. Can you imagine if we could transform the Philippines like Singapore? Our country is full of potential, we just have to awaken the spirit of nationalism in our countrymen..

    1. You hit the nail in the head bro...absolutely I agree with your statement. I wish with your statement readers in this blog understand the real score of the country......Its almost 40 years that AFP modernization is neglected even Marcos time. We choose to be dependent with the U.S.A who provide surplus equipment to us and yet politicos of the country keep looting the country's resources. Look the two asshole politicos of manila they kept pointing finger each other on the issue of tower de manila...see how our voters immaturity in choosing there leaders.Let's renew our nationalism and love of the country.

    2. Kapatid Saludo at Tama ang mga sinasabi mo, pero...And whats the contingency plan? if assuming that it will be too late for us, if one of those candidates or maybe, it will be Binay who wins the lots (GOD Forbid and not make this happen) using his rotten tactics. What shall we do? Form a National Movement or a Revolution to save our country?. That would be plan, better late than never, right?. Respectfully, for me I would rather RIP everything apart my self and stitch it back (of course with support) properly and correctly as to how it should be,rather than just waiting until its unrepairable. Take it from me " The only ingredient for a man or a countries feat is the WILL to achieve its purpose". We all know our purpose and what we must do, but the question is, our you/we willing enough to see it through the END?. Our we really gonna let this pass by us again like we did DECADES ago?. Filipinos, majority of us don,t care or think only of the present and not of the future. thinks only of our self first before others. Filipinos should grasp the FUTURE with not just you or them, but all of us!. Even if we are divided into three, we are made into one identity and that is being a FILIPINO by BLOOD, FAITH and by PRIDE. cncya na mga boss kung na subrahan sa mga salita... just voicing out.... what we cannot say face to face against those PIG faces in the government.

    3. I am aware that some of you may not be able to travel abroad because the cost might be prohibitive but i am willing to travel back home in the Philippines to meet you guys. I hope we can gather a large group of dedicated working individuals who are patriotic and will be dedicated to realization of the dream to make our country better.

    4. I am very much willing to do that bro

    5. Kung hacker lang ako I could do something by myself, but I'm not.

      So mga pre' anu ang plano? ano ang course of action? How can we as a group make a difference?

      How can we go against a corrupt, rotten system?

      I'm not down playing what we might be able to do, but I just want a plan.

      - Neo

    6. This is just a suggestion or maybe an opinion to your request Mr. Anonymous.

      If you are willing and capable enough to try and gather people, that are motivated and also willing to see it through the END. then my friend, we might just have a shot at your goal. However in the event of our first try, every thing collapses and falls apart! Then we are just gathering chickens, that said when the going get tough it is our DETERMINATION that should keep on going! When we say CHANGE or REFORM, we should mean it! we must not be swayed in the likes of dissatisfaction and depression or even threat, pursuing it until we reach the end of our journey is our purpose. am I right?

      NOW here is my question are willing or capable enough through the END?

      I apologized if my words my in a way offend you.I am simply voicing out my opinion. this in a sense does not intend to offend some one for that matter.

      Thank you and a wait for you reply.


  9. With our best human resources, all of that weapons will became nightmare for China, and will be one of the strongest air force in the region. We have most experience military, best jungle fighter, best sailor and will have strong air force too.
    Glory Philippines.
    ---Lan Zunez---

  10. 2028? might as well start learning to speak chinese...we need MRF's now, dammit!!!

  11. Dapat iatras ang PAF Flight Plan na yan from 2028 into 2020. Parang walang sense of urgency silang nakikita. Ang tagal pa kaya ng 2028. Naiintindihan natin kung bakit nakaset yan sa 2028 dahil sa lack of support na pinapakita ng Senado ukol sa AFP Modernization but we cannot play this game according to the Senators' whims and caprices. The PAF through the voice of the Filipino people who is the real boss in this country shall dictate and the Senators shall approve. We should not allow the Senators to control the future of our military modernization because they lack the knowledge and expertise to decide which is best for our national security. These Senators will only lead this country to fall into the hands of the enemy if we continue to allow them to intervene with our plans on how to effectively strengthen our Armed Forces in a short period of time. May God bless the Philippines!

    1. Since 2010, I’ve been observing this AFP Modernization Program. From that point up to 2013 my eagerness to rally round is so high only to be subdued by what I sensed as lack of support by no other than our leaders themselves. We have the capacity to modernize the sorry-state of our armed forces on a shorter period of time, but our leading politicians have other agenda in their mind. Others said that it is us people of the Republic of the Philippines who errs because we keep on electing ‘idiots’, but is it? If the foods in the table are all rotten, our choices are:

      1. Choose the less-rotten one (and if he/she wins, we still have a rotten one, only less rotten than the others, but still ‘rotten’).
      2. Do not choose any of it and abandon our right to suffrage and instead go to other places to find a good and palatable one (migration).

      Damned it, I did choose number one and I regret it.

      Others said that we, ‘the masang Pilipino’ is the boss (our constitution mandated it or even the incumbent president did said it even if he doesn’t actually means it [lol]). But I believe in ‘People’s Power’ as history time and again had proven it... Saan at Kailan?

      Sir Max, my apologies, sir, kung medyo na-hijack ko ang maliit sa espasyo mo, sinasagot ko lang naman ang ibang mga komento rito.

  12. Here's why the F-16 would not be possible for the Philippines. First off, their are many other's in the Asian Region that operate F-16's such as Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore and South Korea. The US dose not want to create a situation where rival countries have the same plane and same weapons systems. On top of that, the US Dose not want another country to skirmish with another country operating the same weapon system. Case in point, Iraq is getting F-16's but their's is downgraded so they don't create a rival with Israel, UAE or Bahrain. Though if the Philippines were to get F-16's, it would be downgraded to what Iraq is getting. This is what Iraq is getting in their F-16's and this could be what the Philippines might get if asked. 18 F-16IQ aircraft,
    —24 F100-PW-229 or F110-GE-129 Increased Performance Engines,
    —36 LAU-129/A Common Rail Launchers,
    —24 APG-68(V)9 radar sets,
    —19 M61 20mm Vulcan Cannons,
    —200 AIM-9L/M-8/9 Sidewinder Missiles,
    —150 AIM-7M-F1/H SPARROW Missiles,
    —50 AGM-65D/G/H/K MAVERICK Air-to-Ground Missiles,
    —200 GBU-12 PAVEWAY II Laser Guided Bomb Units (500 pound),
    —50 GBU-10 PAVEWAY II Laser Guided Bomb Units (2000 pound),
    —50 GBU-24 PAVEWAY III Laser Guided Bomb Units (2000 pound),
    —22 Advanced Countermeasures Electronic Systems (ACES) (ACES includes the ALQ-187 Electronic Warfare System and AN/ALR-93 Radar Warning Receiver),
    —20 AN/APX-113 Advanced Identification Friend or Foe (AIFF) Systems (without Mode IV),
    —20 Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and Embedded GPS/Inertial Navigation Systems (INS), (Standard Positioning Service (SPS) commercial code only),
    —20 AN/AAQ-33 SNIPER or AN/AAQ-28 LITENING Targeting Pods,
    —4 F-9120 Advanced Airborne Reconnaissance Systems (AARS) or DB-110 Reconnaissance Pods (RECCE),
    —22 AN/ALE-47 Countermeasures Dispensing Systems (CMDS);
    —20 Conformal Fuel Tanks (pairs).
    When it comes to air-to-air weaponry, the F-16IQ will be armed with AIM-9L/M Sidewinders and AIM-7M Sparrows. Basically, this is an early 1990s loadout of a USAF tactical fighter as the Sparrow relies on semi-active radar homing and thus does not allow for "fire and forget" engagements.
    This handicaps the F-16IQ from engaging multiple aerial targets at one time. The AIM-120 AMRAAM is the active radar homing, data-link enabled missile of choice for the modern F-16 user, especially in its advanced C5 and C7 form. The AIM-9L/M Sidewinder is a proven all-aspect infrared homing missile, but it lacks the ability to engage targets at oblique angles off the aircraft's bore-sight or center-line axis. Modern high off bore-sight (HOBS) short range air-to-air missiles, such as the AIM-9X or decades old Russian built A-11 Archer, are targeted via a pilot's helmet mounted sight (JHMCS for the F-16), which the F-16IQ is equipped with. Additionally, the ultra-modern, ultra maneuverable AIM-9X's, which Iraq will not get, has a state of the art imaging infrared seeker has greater range, a higher kill probability, and high resistance to falling for infrared countermeasures than its AIM-9L/M predecessor.Basically, the State Department and Foreign Military Sales directorate have given Iraq a survivable fighter, with modern systems and great growth potential, but has only allowed it to carry late 1980's vintage weaponry. This makes the jet usable for internal counter-insurgency operations, surveillance and air defense against lower-end threats but handicaps the jet's ability to skirmish with US allies such as Taiwan, Japan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia
    In Reality, all F-16 sales including F-16's weapons, engines and systems are subject to US Government approval and US Government retains VETO power to approve or deny any sale.

    1. Sir, I think you got this all wrong. The the variant that we would be getting, depends on the price Philippines is willing to pay.

      I believe it would be better for the Philippines to have a F16 the same as our allied neighbors for ease of logistics and maintenance support in case we need them.

      The fight and defense of this region, we cannot take this all alone. we needed to have Allies in this conflict. And sharing of Intel will be very vital and with our Allies using the same weapons platform will be helpful for interoperability with them.

    2. Look at what Iraq got, that should tell you what the US will give if the Philippines ask



  13. Does this mean then that the FA-50 will be used as our LIFT and as our primary fighter until we acquire real MRF's?

  14. From how i see it, AFP modernization is only a regular program intended to upgrade the armed forces which is becoming ineffective as the years gone by due to poor facilities and lack of modern equipment, this is the reason why the sense of urgency is obviously lacking in the program. Let us not blame congress wholly for the sorry state of our armed forces, our military leaders are equally if not most to blame. Since the AFP modernization lacks the element of urgency, therefore it is not meant to address the growing problem in WPS. In this sense, the AFP leadership have failed to come up with a program (separate from AFP modernization) that would address the WPS concern. Such program would pave way for the material or substantial procurement of military hardwares such as MRFs, frigates, submarines, missile defense, PCG ships, etc at least possible time, that will help boost our external defense capability; was there such a program initiated by the AFP leadership? All programs and proposals must come from AFP through DND, that is not the job of congress. There is nothing that congress can do without any program, nothing to deliberate upon. it is this simple; NO PROGRAM OR PROPOSAL, then NO CONGRESS APPROVAL, therefore NO BUDGET, so we bear all the anxieties created by this problem such as fear and insecurity, which is our leaders job owing to the voting public their current positions. I think the best thing you and I can do is to pull our resources and have a concerted effort to rally in DND, Congress, and Malacanang and make them aware that we are overly pissed for them not doing anything to arrest the fears of our people and allowing the dignity of the Filipinos to continuously erode as a result of their inaction

  15. Hi Sir Max!

    I am seeing there are really intense discussions regarding our Air Force Modernization. The PAF is the most neglected Branch of the country's security forces. It is a good thing that the current government is trying to shorten the gap with their limited budget and multi-priorities. Let’s face it this country does not have the financial leeway to spend a whole bulk of money on the AFP without leftist insurrectors running all over the streets and protesting attacking the US Embassy for apparently every reason under the sun. The AFP right now is on the right track with the possibility of acquiring F-16 C/D Block Series or F-16V, F/A-18 E/F Hornet or even the JAS-39 Grippen MRF as possible acquisitions. A squadron or two about 30 aircraft of any of this fighter is a good start to increase the defence capability hopefully within 4 - 5 years though my dream is about 10 squadrons. P3 Orions and E2D will also help greatly our security. Additional F/A-50 maybe three squadrons with one additional dedicated for training should also be in the cards as it would help bridging the gap and provide short range CAS for the Army so we can focus larger MRF Aircraft to Interception and Air Superiority Roles. Tucanos will also be good acquisition for its great performance maybe around two to three full squadrons as well. Additional Helis and transport aircrafts should still be pursue to increase our mobility. A grant from the US, Japanese and even Korean or even EU Government would definitely be good for us but if we continue to block EDCA I think it puts us on a bit of muddy waters in terms with the US. The Philippines should learn simple logic "You Scratch My Back, I Scratch Yours." if we want more equipment and the most possible source would be the US, we should know that they have interest and we have ours and we must thread in the good midpoint for a greater result for the whole country. Alliances are good to the one we are constructing with Japan hopefully we also build one with the Koreans. Since we are right now in Pre-Election haywire AFP Modernization will be in a bit of crossroads because the next Head of State may or may not have the same approach as Mr. Aquino have.


  16. We cannot afford to wait for 2028. We do not have the luxury of time. We need to expedite our AFP Modernization and we also need to cleanse the DND Organization. No matter how cheap the real acquisition cost is, we will still buy it at an expensive price because our DND officials will always ask for commissions. They did it with the Bell 412EP. If you are just vigilant and smart enough to use Google to know the exact price of the Bell 412 EP then you would know that the price we paid was too much. I know some people here would say that the price seems to be expensive because the contract included the logistics and support package. I will not try to convince anyone of you. It is your choice to remain stupid and believe the lies coming from the mouth of the corrupt DND officials or to voice out your concerns about their existing corrupt practices. I always dreamed of a very powerful AFP and will always support the AFP Modernization but as a citizen i cannot tolerate the selfish motives of our DND officials.

  17. FA-50 (LIFT) is coming before end of 2015, so let's start procuring MRFs then....F/A-18E/F super hornet or Gripen or mixed both, perhaps??? forget about the aging F-16s.

  18. I think so, since there is no MRF in the pipeline. So tiis tayo kung ano mayroon. Kainis talaga.....wala kang aasahan sa mga lider na ito...pwe!!!

  19. Sir Max,

    Just wondering, if you know if the KF16 (F16 variant) by Korea is still being produced? I believe they have a licensed to manufacture this variant.

    I assume it would be a much cheaper compare to a Lockheed Martin variant (US Built)

    1. South Korea no longer makes F-16 and their license is strictly domestic, i.e., not for export.

      Defense companies are very protective of their market. Generally, a license holder will be prohibited from competing against the licensor in the internal market. There are a few exceptions, but not in F-16's case.

    2. bah, autocorrect messed up my typing.

      internal market should be international market.

  20. In truth modernizing the PAF is a slow process because there are so many needs and components that are missing in the air force. Since we have serious security threats at present, we need to really prioritize "bang for the buck". We must project power.
    Radar systems and domain awareness is essential. Then, we need a means to confront aggressors. We should have a flotilla of coast guard vessels that we can produce locally, economically, and quickly. We already have huge maritime school with many graduates to man these ships and have a presence in and around our waters constantly.
    As for our air capabilities, its very slow to have competent squadrons of fighters from where we are at. We need radars and robust ground defense . UAVs could be used in the interim. When dealing with a much more powerful and larger adversary, one must used gorilla tactics. Swarm them with numbers. One hostile aircraft can be met by 3 or 4 UAVs until we have multiple squadrons.
    It may just be projection, but we must project until true strength and modernization is realized.

  21. The solution to hasten the procurement of AFP military weapons and 100% corruption-free is to limit the Government Panel who will handle the bidding or G2G negotiation to only 4 trusted persons representing the President, the Supreme Court Chief Justice, the Senate President & Speaker of the House of Representatives so that there will be checks and balances. The DND/AFP just need to submit to the Government Panel the list of weapons it requires. Upon approval and signed by the President, only the 4-person Government Panel will handle the business side of procuring the weapons. Leave the AFP/DND out of this Government Panel. The advantage of this is it will eliminate the time-consuming process of debates, public hearings or whatever and especially stop corruption bec, the contract is approved by the 4 heads of the 3 branches of government through their representatives

  22. Sir Max, if we are getting IOMAX Archangels, I'm assuming the Tucanos are out of the picture and these crop dusters are going to be our CAS.

    This leads me to a few questions:

    1. Are we acquiring these for free or do we get only get them at a discounted price?
    2. Assuming the planes come at a discounted price, do we get only 6 or do we get 18? (I've read somewhere that the cost of one Tucano can buy you 3 NON-DISCOUNTED archangels, how many more can we get if we have discounts on them?).
    3. Assuming Rancudo gets repaired some time in the future, could some of these planes be stationed there and function as maritime aircraft?
    4. Still no ejection seats?

    I'm in favor of the Tucanos but obviously if we get these armed crop dusters for free that would still be welcome news. If we get these archangels at a discounted price, that's okay too, at least we didn't spend too much for the CAS which I feel is one of the lesser priorities.

    I hope we get over and done with the CAS procurement and move on the business of acquiring MRFs and procuring more FA-50s.

    In this regard:
    I'd be happy if we get:

    12 Archangels
    6 more FA-50s on top of the 12
    6 Super Hornets
    2 Growlers

    by the end of 2022 (it's hard to get your hopes up high so I'm aiming low)..

    - Neo

    1. I don't think the IOMAX will be given to us for free. Madalas kasi gamitin ng US ang word na "give" or "provide" instead of using the word "allow" which is more appropriate. Ang correct word sana ay "allow" at hindi "give" or "provide".

      Naalala nyo pa ba noong sinabi ng US that they will GIVE the Philippines 2 C-130? We paid for that.

      Naalala nyo pa ba noong sinabi ng US that they will PROVIDE the Philippines patrol ships (Del Pillar and Alcaraz). We paid for that too.

      But when they said that they will give Sherpa C-23 to the Philippines as a gift then we are getting it for free.

      It is clear that the keyword is GIFT. If the word GIFT is missing, that means we are going to pay.

    2. I wonder what happen IOMAX Archangels bubble canopy?

    3. nope, its not bubble canopy like super tucano

    4. Son Goku, even if we don't get these archangels for free, even if they don't come with a discount, I'm okay with these. I'm not going to be ecstatic as I want either the Tucanos or the Scorpions. But mainly, I just want the CAS procurement to be over and done with. There's been too much time and effort wasted on a platform that's not going to be of much help against the Chinese anyway.

      The Tucano for all it's admirable qualities as a CAS, is still not suited to go against armed ships and other military planes. The Tucano will be used against the rebels. Nothing wrong with that, but if the Archangel can perform COIN and CAS duties effectively, might as well get the cheaper plane.

      Now, if anyone tells me a Super Tucano can take out a Corvette or an FAC, I am willing to re-consider. I think the Tucano can be armed with a Harpoon? I just don't know how it could perform against armed non-infantry OPFOR.

      Yes, I'm thinking of capabilities other than CAS and COIN. If neither plane can go beyond that, I would want the cheaper plane, and let the funding go to more serious procurement that could make a difference - like MRFs and yes souped-up LIFTs.

      - Neo

    5. Neo, i agree with you. The IOMAX is tougher and cheaper. I also want the IOMAX for our CAS requirement but my personal favorite is really the Textron Scorpion because we can also use that as a LIFT and CAS and it has a lower operating and acquisition cost compared to the FA50. It is a very flexible aircraft that can play multi-roles. Like you, i want our government to focus on our MRF requirement and i want them to procure that tomorrow if possible. We do not have the luxury of time and yet we are waisting all of our time. Our government especially our Senators are not taking our security issues seriously. They looked so relax as if there is no sense of urgency. We can acquire MRF anytime we want if the government is just serious but they are not. Budget is not the cause of delay. It is there lack of interest to allocate the necessary budget. We have the money. We can buy what we want. Kung gugustuhin maraming paraan pero kung ayaw maraming dahilan.

    6. @Neo The Super Tucano isn't rated for AGM-84 Harpoon. No idea if this is because of technical reason or simply because no one has funded the cost needed to integrate them. The Super Tucano is rated for AGM-65 Maverick. Supposedly the Colombian Air Force has integrated the Delilah AL missile with their Super Tucano, but there is no official confirmation of this.

    7. I dont think super tucano has the proper radar to acquire targets and track the active radar homing and sea-skimming harpoon, better leave it MRF's to do the job.

  23. It is really exhausting, I have pointed for several occasions that the PAF mid Term Flight Plan would not be sufficient to address the growing problem in WPS, the PAF leaders just admitted that in the papers. The weight of our government's strategy is concentrated on establishing our rights on those islets, shoals, and atolls under dispute; and part of that strategy is debunking China's 9-dash claim which no other nation on earth is foolish enough to recognize. Unless those structures built by the Chinese are fully armed, it would be hard even for them to maintain and even with our ill-equipped marines, that can be seized in a well planned attack, this is due to its proximity to us and its distance from mainland China but if the man-made islands are military equipped, that will be a different story. Even if the UN ruled that the 9-dash line of China has no basis and ridiculous, our next problem will be how to make them stop building further and how to eject them from those structures, i believe this is the harder part, and this is where our armed forces will play its role. All our government's effort will go to naught if we cannot expel the chinks out of our occupied territories. Unfortunately, our gov't leaders do not see this, and they are not doing anything to upgrade our armed forces and make it truly a capable organization that can address both our internal and external security threats. So at this point, we can do nothing to stop China building those structures. What we can do is to prevent them from further grabbing our territories by making a stand using all our available PCG boats, the next thing that we should do is observe and watch intently what the Chinese will be building in those structures,the moment we see any traces or form of military facility, we should never think twice to howl a protest to the UN and rally the entire international community against it. And lastly, let us not forget to pray for our leaders that their eyes may be opened and see more clearly; and pray also for those Chinese leaders no matter how detestable they are, that they would have a change of heart and decide to withdraw from our territories

  24. archangels do not have internal guns not like super tucano, but if we get it for free...e di wow!!! kunin na natin.

    as for MRF, RP should opt for super hornet for its strike capability and heavy payload...and gripen C/D (to be upgraded to NG) as fighter/interceptor....

    my wish list for RP for immediate deployment within a year would be:

    2 FA-50
    6 super hornets
    6 gripen
    2 P-3 orion MPA
    1 AEW aircaft (ie. C295, E-2, etc.)...

    then in next 10 years build it up to:

    12 super hornets
    24 gripen c/d (to be upgraded to NG)
    12 FA-50
    3 P-3 orion MPA
    2 C295 AEW
    12 super tucano

    1. For CAS & COIN, the best is the proven A-10 Thunderbolt that the US government will replace with the F-35. The Phil. government should start negotiating with the US for future procurement of at least 1 squadron of A-10s.

    2. I totally agree...even 6 A-10's is enough for our needs but i have a gut feeling that US wont let go of these well loved birds, just waiting for a new US (republican) the way, F-35 is totally crap IMO.

  25. ^ Sir as much as I like your list of Hornets and Gripens, it's safe to say that's never going to happen as long as we have high officials who:

    1. Only thinks of his own welfare and how much he could get for himself
    2. Generally doesn't care without an inch of Nationalism
    3. Have a false sense of nationalism
    4. On China's payroll
    5. Just plain dumb

    Honestly - I think 95% of our high officials falls under those categories.

    - Neo

  26. If the purpose is for territorial defense against China, forget the Flight Plan 2028. It's unrealistic. The PAF "must" revise it's Flight Plan to a 6-year period only during the term of the next incoming president with clear-cut budget allocation & not subject to delays. Arms procurement priority must first be on items that will provide permanent presence of the PN / PCG on the remaining features that the Phil. controls on Spratly Islands. We have 7 islands & 3 reefs in Spratly Islands which we occupy only out of 55 reefs, shoals, bays, cays, banks, atolls that needs to be tightly guarded. We need at least 4 Patrol Boats for each features. That translates to 220 (4x 55) Patrol Boats to be stationed in the 7 islands we currently occupy and in Palawan. After Patrol Boats, 2nd priority is how to arm & protect these Patrol Boats against Chinese harassment. 3rd priority is what are we going to use as a counter-offensive.Anti-Ship Missile-armed Fast MPACs with double torpedo tubes will do.

  27. Sir Max,

    Hi! I just got this idea I am a big fan of the A4 Skyhawk II or the A4E because of it's wide range of usage asa trainer and attack aircarft by the IDF and USN we are even seeing Argentina upgrading their A4 Squadron. What if the philippines do increase the F/A-50 as a Lead in Figther Trainer and as a Venerable Attack Aircraft. I think this aircraft would be good since they almost have the same size. The A4 have a larger payload but only a 1000 lbs difference against the F/A-50 but the F/A-50 is capable of supersonic flight and can be used as a multirole fighter and may be effective as an Air-to-air Combat aircraft as well. The F/A-50 can also be used in COIN ops though i don't think as capable as the Super Tucano or the Projected OV-10X if it ever pushes through. I believe 20 - 50 F/A-50 units is a good start as a capability enhancer for the PAF.


  28. perhaps the country needs a dictator to procure these things swiftly ;)....a good dictator that is, if there such a thing...this form of democracy that we have just doesn't work for the good of this country...just my opinion though.

  29. We should have;
    1. 30 F-22 Raptors
    2. 200 F-35 Lightning II
    3. 200 JAS-39 Gripen NG, for daily patrol
    4. 24 A-10 Warthog
    5. 24 A-29 Super Tucano
    6. 10 A-400M Atlas
    7. 30 C-130J Hercules
    8. 50 C-295
    9. 12 B-2 Bomber
    10. 300 T-50 Golden Eagle for trainer
    11. 300 KT-1 Wongbee
    12. 6 Airbus MRTT tanker

    We are afford to buy them woth our rich natural resources, ...
    Our people also the best hunan resource in the world.
    It's just a time, our OFW will conquest the world.


    1. DAVID is a chicom troll

    2. impossible. you still have a bad dream Mr.

    3. Wake up David. Your mom is calling you. You need to buy 5 pesos of vinegar and 10 pesos worth of garlic.

    4. Tanker? ..... F35?? ..... F22??? .... B2???? .... is this a JOKE


    1. Hindi sila mag su suffer meron na sila mga green card yang mga hinayupak na yan

  31. long shot. will maybe never happen. the it looks they will just buy cheap trainer jets from south korea and convert it to MRF like they did in the Navy. bought 2 refurbished US coast guard vessels looking like a vacation cruise ships and convert it to a frigrate. lolllll. with no missiles. what a dumb nationalism. that's what we have for our crab mentality and crooked ways.

  32. DND is a failure organization. You see till now we dont have a missile capable ship of tanks, plane or ship. My god! their reason is to start operation the most basic of defense such as auto cannon before we proceed to actual missile military hardware. tskk tskk tskkk. ang babaw ng rason.

  33. I am 34 and I work in a call center and all my of my collegues and friends are not aware of whats happening and what is at stake with regard to China's bullying. I dont know if common sense is no longer common to Filipinos now a days. Its just sad that only a few of us does really care and the rest are too busy making money. If we could just muster all our efforts to create awareness for all Filipinos to show how disgusting our politicians are and how obsolete our armed forces is then there might be a chance for this country. Just my 2 cents -Flu Flu

    1. Many Filipinos don't care. That's a prevailing problem for a long time. That's the reason why people get to have politicians with poor performance or corrupt practices, and PH get to lose its territories. Sad, indeed.

  34. I am affraid that all of your wet dream will be a "wet dream" for forever ........

    1. Yes, Pinos are dreamers .. big dreamers

  35. We haven't seen any pictures of the two armed 109s for the Navy. Any news on that?

  36. Sir Max can you verify the authenticity of this news? I think all of us here are hungry of a truly capable AFP

    1. It was taken from a blog post by PhilippineAirspace. The original can be found here:

  37. Thanks for educating us, Sir Max etal.

  38. ay naku sana noon pa natin pinag isipan ito. Imagine bawat taon pala eh my billions nalaman ko lng nung may nabasa akong article tunkol sa modernization at hindi naman sa nagmamayabang pero sana noon pa bawat taon eh dapat gastusin naman nila yung tama hindi yung ngayon lang sila mag aacquire ng ganitong mga klase ng aircraft kapag andyan na ang kalaban sana noon pa para unti unti paglago ng paf,afp at iba pa

  39. Sir Max. Two links that I've clicked seems to be non-existent now. The one for the " Maritime Hermes 900 UAS" and the is the "agreements with Airbus to supply the AEWC AESA radar systems for the C-295AEWC variant."


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