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AFP Modernization Program Project Database

The MaxDefense's AFP Modernization Program Project Database was inspired by Defense Industry Daily's format, of creating a library of AFP Modernization Program projects as a resource that will be updated occasionally as corresponding new information becomes available.

This would take some time to build up as we are doing this from scratch, and only during free time.

Philippine Air Force:

Horizon 2:

1. Multi-Role Fighter Aircraft:

2. Multi-Role Fighter Munitions System:

3. Air Surveillance Radar System:

4. Ground Based Air Defense System (GBADS):

5. Combat Utility Helicopter:
    5a. Sikorsky S-70i Black Hawk Combat Utility Helicopter

6. Attack Helicopter:
    6a. TAI T129 ATAK Attack Helicopter

7. Commnd and Control Fixed Wing Aircraft (Jet and Turboprop)
    7a. Airbus C295M C2 Aircraft

8. Unmanned Aerial Systems (Level 3):
    8a. Hermes 450 MALE UAS
    8b. Hermes 900 MALE UAS

9. Bell 412 Directional Infrared Counter Measures 

10. FA-50 Alternate Mission Equipment

11. Medium Lift Aircraft:

12. C-130H with Avionics Upgrade and ILS

13. Trainer Aircraft

14. PAF Aviation Engineering Equipment

      15a. Lot 1: Joint AFP Collaboration Management System
      15b. Lot 2: Ground to Air Radio Communications System
      15d. Lot 4: UHF-FM Radio Communications System

16. Basing Support System (Phases 2, 3, 4) @ Pag-asa Island


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Philippine Navy Modernization Projects