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Elbit Systems Wins Contract to Upgrade Philippine Army M113A2 with RCWS and Mortars

It has been six months since the Horizon 2 phase of the Revised AFP Modernization Program has started. But there are still several projects form the Horizon 1 phase that has yet to be implemented, or even started. In the Philippine Army alone, more than 5 projects are yet to be procured or awarded to a winning supplier, and there are several projects that are already awarded to a winning supplier but is still in the process of pre-delivery.

Despite some discussions we made on our Facebook page early this year, it appears that MaxDefense has not really made a blog entry yet regarding another M113 project that is underway for delivery - the Firepower Upgrade of EDA M113 Project under the Horizon 1 phase of the Revised AFP Modernization Program.

Project Background:

This project, which is a part of the so-called "2nd List of Horizon 1" that was formed by prioritizing Army projects using the budget originally intended for the delayed Shore Based Missile System (SBMS), involves the …

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