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Quick Update on the AFP's Acquisitions Under it's Modernization Program as of November 2018

Last weekend, local media outlet Business Mirror released an article covering updates on several ongoing and incoming acquisition projects under the AFP Modernization Program. All of those projects mentioned were already discussed by MaxDefense in previous blogs or Facebook posts and comments over the year or two, and we decided to discuss those mentioned projects further to allow for greater understanding for readers. This is also a quick way of updating our readers with the status of these projects considering many are still pending or have not yet even been started.

The article can be accessed here:

Here are our take on the projects mentioned by Business Mirror, as mentioned according to the order of the article. MaxDefense also provided links to previous MaxDefense discussions on the topics for reference.

1. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles are being acquired by both the Philippine Air Force (PAF) and Philippine …

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