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Shopping Spree Plans of the Philippine National Police for October 2018

It’s a busy month for the Philippine National Police this October 2018, as they are preparing for several tenders for weapons, vehicles, force protection equipment and support equipment to be used by the different units of the police force, including the vaunted PNP Special Action Force (PNP-SAF) which is the combat unit of the police.

It is understood that the PNP is undergoing a major modernization phase wherein materiel procurement and improvement are given priority to allow the police force to meet its needs in terms of law enforcement, as well as internal security and counter-terrorism capabilities. This is especially important as the PNP is slowly being transition again to be the foremost armed agency in charge of internal security against terrorist and rebel groups, as the Armed Forces of the Philippines is making its own changes to shift to territorial defense.

The national government's focus of also improving the capability on drug enforcement and anti-narcotics, law enforc…

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