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The Philippine Navy in the Korean War (1950-1953)

MaxDefense is pleased to have one of our community member and an active officer from the Armed Forces of the Philippines to be its guest writer for this blog entry. Though this is not the first time that a guest writer's piece was published in MaxDefense Philippines, being given the chance again to publish something like this is an honour for us especially if it helps provide positive information to the Filipino and international reading public on our AFP's history of being a pro-active champion of freedom and peace.
Thanks to our guest writter, Philippine Navy CDR. MARK R. CONDENO from the International Affairs Directorate for giving MaxDefense Philippines the opportunity to publish this original piece.

On Sunday June 25 1950, the existence of the Republic of Korea as a democratic nation was shattered when armored and infantry elements of the North Korean People’s Army crossed the border into Seoul. The surprise attack caught off guard the R…

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