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GHQ, Armed Forces of the Philippines Modernization Projects

The MaxDefense's AFP & PCG Modernization Program Project Database was inspired by Defense Industry Daily's format, of creating a library of AFP & PCG Modernization Program projects as a resource that will be updated occasionally as corresponding new information becomes available.

This would take some time to build up as we are doing this from scratch, and only during free time.

Photo taken from the AFP's official Facebook page.


2013-2028 Revised AFP Modernizatiom Program under RA 10349: 

Horizon 2:

5. Combat Net Radio System:

12. 1 1/4-ton Truck, Troop Carrier Light Acquisition Project - KIA KM450

13. 2 1/2-ton Truck, Troop Carrier Medium Acquisition Project - KIA KM250

14. 5-ton Truck, Cargo/Wrecker Heavy Acquisition Project - KIA KM500

15. AFP Civil Engineering Equipment -

19. Shoulder-Fired Directional Jammer -

Horizon 1:

1. AFP Light Utility Vehicle - KIA KM450

2. AFP C4ISTAR System:
    2a. Tactical Data Link
    2b. Transmission Troposcatter System
    2c. Civil Works Components:
    2d. Upgrade of Existing AFPFCS Backbone:
    2e. Command and Control Systems for WMC and EMC:
    2f. Transportable C2

3. AFP Civil Engineering Equipment:
   3a. Lot 1:
   3b. Lot 2:
   3c. Lot 3:
   3d. Lot 4:
   3e. Lot 5:
   3f. Lot 6:

4. ISR Projects: Info Systems Infrastructure & Security Upgrade

5. ISR Capability Upgrade:

Photo taken from AFP's official Facebook page.

1995-2010 AFP Modernization Program under RA 7898:

1. Radio Frequency Test Equipment

2. Technical Forensic Upgrade

3. Enhanced Data Generation System:

4. AFP JSOG Requirements:
   4a. Lot 7a: Fast Rope Hoist and Boom System

5. Capability Upgrade of Medical and Dental Equipment:

6. PSG Comprehensive Security System:

7. PSG Security Operations Mobility System (1 1/4-ton Truck)

8. AFPPKOC Capability Upgrade:

9. Camp Bautista Station Hospital:

10. PSG Multi-Purpose Rocket Launcher Light:

11. First Forward MEDICS (MSDLV):

12. PSG Security Operations Weapon System:
     12a. Lot 1a - Sniper Rifles
     12b. Lot 1b - Night Vision Scope
     12c. Lot 2a - Assault Rifle
     12d. Lot 2b - Reflex Sight
     12e. Lot 3 - Pistol Calibre .40


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