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94-meter Multi-Role Response Vessel Acquisition Project of the Philippine Coast Guard

Project Summary:

94-meter Multi-Role Response Vessel Acquisition Project

Note: Edited as of 07 July 2019:

* End User: Philippine Coast Guard

* Quantity: 2 nos.

* Project ABC: TBA

* Acquisition Mode: Limited Source Bidding

* Source of Funding: Official Development Assistance (ODA) by Japan JICA

* SARO Release: TBA

* Winning Proponent: TBA

* Product for Delivery: 2 nos. Kunigami-class 94-meter patrol vessel

* Contract Price: TBA

* First post by MaxDefense: TBA

* Searching Hashtag: #PCG94mMRRV

* Status: NOA received 11 February 2019, Contract signed by March 2019. Awaiting delivery.


First edit and release: 07 July 2019

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  1. 10-15 vessels to be able to guard our Worlds longest coastlines.


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