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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Russia unveils its new T-14 Armata MBT and other Armored Vehicles before Victory Day 2015 Parade

Although this is not totally related to Philippine defense and security, in the future, it could be.

The Russian Army has finally unveilled the vehicles it intends to display during the upcoming Victory Day 2015 parade in Moscow this May 9, 2015. A short summary and photo gallery follows below of what to expect on that day, which is expected to be very important for many defense institutions and government military planners.

Note: All photos are taken from Army Recognition website.

1. T-14 Armata Main Battle Tank

This is the latest generation main battle tank coming from the Russians, a totally different vehicle from their previous generation T-90 series which is heavily derived from the T-72 series. According to several sources, the T-14 Armata is equipped with a unmanned turret installed with a new 125mm smoothbore gun with autoloader feature for 32 ready to use rounds. The photo still covers the turret of the tank, keeping many exposed systems and features until the actual parade.

2. BMP T-15 Armata Armored Infantry Fighting Vehicle:

This is a new AIFV that uses the same platform as the T-14 Armata main battle tank. Although it is expected that the vehicle will be armed with a 30mm 2A42 automatic cannon and 4 Kornet-EM anti tank guided missiles, the turret portion was also covered during the parade practice so it is still unconfirmed. It is also expected to have the same level of protection as the tank version, and can be operated by a 2-man crew and a passenger compartment at the rear for a heavy infantry squad.

3. BMP Kurganets-25 Tracked Infantry Fighting Vehicle

This new tracked armored vehicle is the main version of the Kurganets-25 series, and is considerably large even compared to the T-14 Armata tank. It is expected to be armed with a 30mm 2A42 automatic cannon, a 7.62mm PKT co-axial machine gun, and 4 Kornet-EM anti tank guided missiles in the same manner as the BMP T-15. It is expected to carry 8 heavy infantry aside from the 3-man crew, and is fully amphibious with 2 waterjets at the rear of the hull. It is equipped with a passive armor protection system which increases the total width of the vehicle.

4. BTR Kurganets-25 Tracked Armored Personnel Carrier

This is a lightly armed version of the BMP Kurganets-25, using the same platfrom but armed only with a small turret with either a 12.7mm heavy machine gun or a 7.62mm machine gun. MaxDefense believes that this would have a higher passenger capacity that its IFV version.

5. BTR Bumerang Wheeled 8x8 Armored Vehicle

This new wheeled armored vehicle is slated to replace the Soviet-era BTR-80 and BTR-82 series in several variants, and is more reminicent of modern wheeled armored vehicle models from Western countries. It's top portion was also covered during the parade practice, but it is expected to carry the same turret as the BMP Kurganets-25 IFV, with a 30mm 2A42 auto cannon, a 7.62mm co-axial machine gun and 4 Kornet-EM anti-tank guided missiles. It is also expected to be a universal platform for different variants which may include fire support vehicles, anti-tank missile carrier, command post, armored ambulance, and mortar carrier variants.

6. Kamaz 63968 Typhoon-K Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicle

One of the two new MRAPs for the Russian Army under the Typhoon program, the Typhoon-K from truck manufacturer Kamaz is a modular 6x6 wheeled armored personnel carrier that can carry 16 troops including the crew. It has a V-hull design that Kamaz claims can withstand up to 8kg of TNT blasts from underneath the vehicle.

7. Ural 63095 Typhoon-U Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicle

Another new MRAP from Russia, also under the Typhoon program but is made by Ural. It is also a 6x6 wheeled armored vehicle, which can be armed with a machine gun up to 14.5mm caliber mounted on a remote weapons station on the top of the crew compartment. It has a capacity of 14 troops including its 2-man crew. And like the Kamaz MRAP, it is also designed with a V-hull that the manufacturer claims can withstand an 8kg TNT or mine blast.

8. 2S35 Koalitsiya-SV 152mm Self Propelled Tracked Howitzer

This is a new generation self-propelled tracked howitzser from Russia that utilizes the old 2S19 Msta chassis with a new turret and a new 152mm 2A88 howitzer. The vehicle is also armed with a remote weapons station for a 12.7mm machine gun mounted on top of the turret. It can fire the generation 9K25 152mm Krasnopol laser-guided projectile.

#  #  #  #  #

Aside from these new vehicles, the Russian Army will be featuring a number of upgraded and up-to-date vehicles and weapons systems being used. These include the following vehicles:

1. GAZ-2975 Tigr High Mobility Multipurpose Vehicle

Tigr armored vehicle with Kornet-D anti-tank guided missile laucnhers.

2. BTR-82A 8x8 Wheeled Armored Personnel Carrier

3. BMD-4M Airborne Armored Infantry Fighting Vehicle

4. BTR-MDM Rakushka Tracked Armored Personnel Carrier

5. T-90A Main Battle Tank

6. K-300P Bastion-P Coastal Defense Missile System

Vietnam is currently an operator of this system, wherein they acquire two systems in 2011. The system fires the P-800 Oniks (SS-N-26 Yakhont Strobile) anti-ship cruise missiles, and has a maximum range of around 300km. 

7. TOR-M2U Mobile Air Defense Missile System

8. BUK-M2 Mobile Air Defense Missile System (SA-17 Grizzly)

9. Pantsir-S Short Range Air Defense System (SA-22 Greyhound)

10. S-400 Triumf Long Range Air Defense Missile System (SA-21 Growler)

This is the same air defense missile system that Russia approved to sell to China, which is in effect already something worth looking at in the Philippine setting.

11. Yars RS-24 Intercontinental Ballistic Missile

#  #  #  #  #  #  #  #  #  #

While these systems or vehicles are not directly affecting the Philippines, there are chances that they would in the future. China is a heavy importer of Russian arms, and they already are in the final stages of a deal to acquire the long range S-400 Triumf air defense system which can reach hundreds of miles from its launching position. An S-400 in the Spratly Islands would complicate the movement of aircraft from the Philippines, including inside Philippine airspace.

Vietnam is also a Russian military equipment importer, and already has the K-300P Bastion-P shore based missile system in its inventory. Although their main target are Chinese ships, it is not impossible for them to target Philippine ships as well, especially that they are also a claimant in some of the islands inside the Kalayaan Group of Islands in the West Philippine Sea. They are also expected to acquire some of the Russian equipment listed above for their own needs. Example is Russia's main battle tanks, as they are currently operating a large fleet of obsolete tank that may need replacement very soon.

Both Indonesia and Malaysia are currently Russian equipment users, and it may not be impossible for them to acquire land and missile systems from Russia in the coming years to beef up or replace their existing systems.

Although not a Russian equipment user, the Philippine military should open up to the possibility of acquiring military equipment from Russia if they are capable of filling the requirements of the AFP. This may be a difficult pill to swallow for the country's defense planners considering its strong affiliation with Western or US military equipment and systems, but it must be open to such options.

We'll see more of these Russian equipment in the coming Victory Day parade on May 9, 2015.


  1. Replies
    1. Sir max,which more expensive (overall) weapons Russia or US?

    2. According to people who have experience with both, US and Western European systems tend to be more outright expensive. But maintenance and operating expenses, Russian systems are more expensive and less reliable.

    3. I don't think the Russian systems are more expensive in maintenance and less reliable. just look at the older model battle tanks like the T50s, they served well in Vietnam war used by the North Vietnamese army and T72s in war in Afghanistan. look at the AKs, one of the most reliable assault rifles in the world and yet cheapest, the MIG 21s won the air war in the Korean war against the US Sabre jets. The SAMs shot down many US fighter jets in Vietnam. etc. I wish we could acquire some Russian weapons systems but unfortunately our big brother US will not allow that.

    4. There were no MiG 21 in the Korean War But MIG 15 and the the latest statistics is North American F86 Sabre vs MIG 15 a ratio of 7:1 kills advantage F86. For the record most " Dogfights happened in enemy territory. As for the Vietnam Air war , it is true that most NVAF kills are SAM stats but the U.S. Air power dominated and dictated the battle outcome . Russians technology are known for its rugged design and crude engineering based on western standards which is why accuracy and precision is at subpar level. During the Cold War era they proliferated and supplied all countries that are against the U.S. with mass produced communist bloc weaponry . Which explains why every third world countries either pro or anti government are equipped with post Soviet weapons . Not to take into account that after the break of the "Soviet Union " the weapons black market are flooded with their so called excess defense article in some cases "as is ".

  2. Why are some covered ?

    1. They are covered as they do not want the West to know exactly what capabilities the vehicles have or what it exactly looks like.

    2. Jeeez...
      Because first official presentation of all this machines will be on V-Day Parade.
      Is it so hard just make some lurking and googling?

  3. sir max the toys are very impressive....I think our military planners should consider good military assets from Russia particularly BMP, BTR and IFV.

  4. Although I would love a modern army, I hope we cover our bases in the air and in the sea first. The good thing is that's exactly the AFPs plan. However, I am hoping that the Army gets it's major assets in the way of Missile systems.

    I'm not too optimistic PH would get Russian equipment, but if they could/would, I like the Bastion in tandem with the Spyder systems from Israel and a dozen or more 2S6M1 Tunguska-M1s.

    But if we really are not going to obtain Russian equipment, then we should get these:

    - Neo

  5. If the Sokors were able to have an entire unit completely equipped with Russian kit, I don't see why we can't try the same thing. The time for pragmatism is now, misplaced "loyalties" be damned. The only one worth being loyal to at this point is ourselves.

    1. These Russian equipment were used by Russia as payment to South Korea, and I believe the Russian equipment are being used for training and not for the frontline units.

    2. T-72 and BMPs were payments for the debts of Russia to Korea.

  6. Buy from Russian is a good idea. But what is exactly Philippine need from Russia? Fighter plane? Tank? Or Balistic missile?

    1. anti aircraft system

    2. Missile.

      Mammoth tank.

      Iron curtain System.

      Tesla coil.

      Bear trooper.

  7. I have to disagree strongly on this.

    Russia, just like China, is a quasi-dictatorial, aggressive, highly nationalistic, expansionist state. It would be highly unethical to purchase military equipment from Russia at this time and it would likely dampen U.S. support for the Philippines.

    Furthermore, Russia is a highly corrupt state and much of their military equipment is unreliable and has high operating costs, which will make an initial low purchase price become really expensive really fast. That's why India is bailing on the joint Indian-Russian stealth fighter project.

    If the Philippines wants bargain equipment that is fairly decent, it should work with democratic Ukraine. The Ukrainian T-84 Oplot, for example, can be had at a fraction of the cost of a western MBT and would be a good fit for the Philippines. Industrial partnerships with Ukraine would also be possible, which is something the Philippines needs to take a close look at, as it shouldn't just be buying military equipment abroad forever, but instead needs to develop an indigenous defense industry.

    As for the expensive weapons systems - there are plenty to be had in democratic nations, hence there is no reason to purchase those from a nation that is basically Europe's version of China.


    1. Dear Laurance i disagree with u.

      First. Who care who sale it, as long the weapon is good and affordable. Beside they only support Ukraine rebel when Europe try to expand to Ukraine.

      Second. USA support? When USA have support Philippine? Do they do something to stop the China? Do u count second hand obsolete equipment that will not do any good against China a support?

      Look at Vietnam that get sub that more advance from China from Russia. The chance to get a high tech weapon at affordable cost is what i call as support.

      Third. U were wrong on the Indian weapon problem. As someone already write in the Max Defense FB, Indian problem is the result of they build it locally without quality control. Just look your neighbor that buy Russian weapon that was made by Russian, no news of problem.

      Russian weapon has low cost in purchase and low cost in operation.

      Forth. Stealth program is always expensive and have problem. Even the USA F-35 is a mess, with over budget and inferior capability and safety. Russian and Indian stealth program is unique, because it was the only stealth program that funded by 2 nation, unlike others that was single funded. So yes there will always be a problem.

      Five. There is a reason to buy from Russia, but the most important is their price is lower. Sure u can buy from the west, but can u afforded?

      Just look all of your neighbor they buy Russian weapon and system. Not complaining and now less fear about China. Especially Vietnam that just build 2 local missile ship that can fired Russian missile. They have Russian anti ship missile that can destroy ship 130km away.


      What i agree with u is:

      T-84 Oplot is a good tank.

      Philippine indeed need to build their own defense industry.

    2. Quote per quote from a reply from this:

      "As to why we are not getting any russian made equipments, its actually simple, no russian manufacturer has yet gotten interest in participating in any of the biddings undertaken by our AFP/DND, hence the reason why. True, there are several Balkan State defense manufacturers (formerly Yugoslavia) who seem to be actively participating in several of the biddings being put out by our AFP/DND, but I can tell you (and you can try validating my statement here) that none of these Balkan State manufacturers are actually interested in participating in biddings on their own. As it is, defense manufacturers in both Serbian and Bosnian states doesn't have the financial capacity to initially pay for the acquisition and only to be later on paid 60 days (more likely 90 to 120 days in reality) after their delivery of the equipment. These defense manufacturers are dealing on a COD basis, meaning they give you the product and you pay for it upfront. If at all, there are local agents purportedly representing these Balkan State defense manufacturer in biddings here, but in truth, these manufacturers doesn't even have the inkling that they are actually participating in the bidding. The local agent, if he/she manages to secure the contract will only need to come up with the money to purchase the goods (weapons or ammunitions) either from the manufacturer he/she purports to represent or in the Blackmarket where the price is much cheaper (but the goods unreliable) where most of the war materiel which are remnants of the Bosnian War ended up, in order to make a killing."

    3. Who cares about the attitude of the producing countries?

      The United States of America, the champion of Human Rights and Democracy of the Universe has been buying oil from UNdemocratic, human rights violating middle eastern countries for decades!

    4. Its not about the attitude but its the legitimacy of the weapons that you buy.

    5. What legitimacy?

      "Made in Russia" is "Made in Russia". Unless it say made in Russia, but in truth is made in Sudan.

      That is counterfeit.

      So what is legitimacy in weapon buying?

    6. I like Russian hardware especially the Kamov KA-52 Attack Helicopter. The best attack helicopter in the world. The Apache is only second in my own opinion.

  8. Why can't the Philippine Government consider Russian weapons and hardware? South Korea have some Russian arms and hardware...

    1. Indonesian already use Russian missile.

    2. It's not that they can't consider Russian stuff. It's that Russian equipments do have drawbacks together with their supposed low price.

      The obvious one is incompatibility with Western equipment. This is not unsurmountable, but that costs money, which takes away from the price advantage.

      Less obvious is Russian approach to durability. From since Soviet times, Russia does not consider a long service life and maintainability to be crucial. It's nice to have, but it's important to have it cheap so they can afford lots of it. The end result is that Russian equipments tend to have cheaper initial price but higher maintenance cost, so whether it's actually cheaper in the long run is questionable. This isn't a problem in Russia because maintenance spending is spent domestically buying parts from state-owned companies and paying the salary of technicians from their own armed forces, so all the money goes back to the state anyway, but for a foreign country, it's a factor.

      Lastly, Russia doesn't like competition. See above regarding maintenance. That's actually a big money maker for them. To protect this, Russia tries to prevent competing vendors from providing spare parts and services for their equipment. There has been cases where a country tries to source compatible spare parts from India or some Eastern European country and Russia retaliates by jacking up the price of spare parts that only they can provide. Again, this has to be factored too.

      If at the end the Philippines decide to go with Russian equipment anyway, that's fine. But be aware of those factors first.

    3. SoKor's Russian hardware of T-62, 72 and BMPs were payments for debts. The tanks are used for training simulations as they are the primary weapons of NoKor.

      Quote per quote from a reply from this:

      "As to why we are not getting any russian made equipments, its actually simple, no russian manufacturer has yet gotten interest in participating in any of the biddings undertaken by our AFP/DND, hence the reason why. True, there are several Balkan State defense manufacturers (formerly Yugoslavia) who seem to be actively participating in several of the biddings being put out by our AFP/DND, but I can tell you (and you can try validating my statement here) that none of these Balkan State manufacturers are actually interested in participating in biddings on their own. As it is, defense manufacturers in both Serbian and Bosnian states doesn't have the financial capacity to initially pay for the acquisition and only to be later on paid 60 days (more likely 90 to 120 days in reality) after their delivery of the equipment. These defense manufacturers are dealing on a COD basis, meaning they give you the product and you pay for it upfront. If at all, there are local agents purportedly representing these Balkan State defense manufacturer in biddings here, but in truth, these manufacturers doesn't even have the inkling that they are actually participating in the bidding. The local agent, if he/she manages to secure the contract will only need to come up with the money to purchase the goods (weapons or ammunitions) either from the manufacturer he/she purports to represent or in the Blackmarket where the price is much cheaper (but the goods unreliable) where most of the war materiel which are remnants of the Bosnian War ended up, in order to make a killing."

    4. Oh Really? Russia is not joining our bids but they are offering weapons to us. They did offer the Mig 29 and SU 27 in the past. Last year I saw in the news that they are offering radars and SAM's to us.

    5. Try to read the reply section of past blogs, you'll notice that some anonymous person is somewhat "knowledgeable" or is an insider on the process of procurement by the AFP. I noticed that while reading them and that includes the FB page of sir Max. It is said that they are not interested for some other reason but if we can remember that they offered those MRFs before the 1997 financial crisis hit the country and that decision might not be universal. Lets just wait and see.

    6. We cannot afford russian armament. This country is sinking. What will we do? Abandon ship!

    7. They (Russians) offered. But they don't join biddings. That's the problem. They are trying to sell via G2G or negotiated procurements.


    shots fired on one of our patrol aircraft's.

  10. Very impressive hardware. Although as mentioned by one of the posters here russian equipment are cheap at the initial purchase but its the upkeep of the product that eventually jacks the price up. I'm not against acquiring russian hardware but imagine the logistical problems that the AFP would encounter from purchasing russian hardware? For a armed force that has been from its very inception acquiring its equipment and patterned its supply chain on NATO or western standards purchasing russian equipment would be a logistical nightmare. Keep in mind that MOST AFP hardware are within NATO STANDARDS. Which means ease of interoperability with our allies in times of disaster or war. There is a long list of ex soviet states that are now aligned with NATO and with that comes the requirement that their respective armed forces be within NATO STANDARDS and have varying degrees of military industrial capabilities. Examples: Poland Romania Czech Republic Slovakia and Bulgaria. Not to mention most of these countries are in need of foreign investments. Maybe even a tie up for local manufacturing could be possible.


    1. NATO standard is bullet caliber.

      There is no quality standard between NATO and common system is also non existed.

      What u probably think is probably is a misunderstood fact most NATO use the same weapon and equipment. Common nation that use leopard tank or common nation that use eurofighter.

      It's not a standard they just use the same equipment.

    2. It is a standard dude. Two words. STANDARDIZATION AGREEMENT. Covers anything from Call signals, Ammunition rounds, use of allied countries SUPPLY DEPOTS and even cable wiring for fire control systems. Why did they do this? Partially because in the event that some giant belligerent slavic nation decides to roll in into europe retreating forces that will bear the brunt of the initial attack can resupply and repair their equipment in the host nations repair and supply depot. And one more thing just to punch it in there bro. The STANAG even includes standadization of BRAKE PADS. Most major NATO armies use different IFV's and APC but guess what? Because of STANAG they have the SAME break pads.


    3. I suggest you read up on the Standardizarion Agreement (STANAG) (and STANAG doesn't just mean a assualt rifle magazine or a caliber). I myself was humbly educated on this by a few buddies of mine serving from a north american country's bases in a certain european country with varying MOS's and of course read up on it afterwards.

    4. OK i have read a little about STAGNAG. It's amazing, but somehow i doubt this will be relevant for PH.

      For once u were an island nation. Unlike Europe nations, u can't easily retreat. I also doubt u can safe the equipment and evacuate it to .....say Malaysia. There probably not enough ship.

      And in scenario where u will receive supply from allies nation, realistically, only USA can do it. And as we have seen in Iraq, they tend to just give u another weapon than spare part. So what use on worrying about spare part compatibility?

      It also sound like a way to monopoly.

      Most of the seem to be more about standardization on procedure, signal and strategy than technical. Making u probably can operate just fine without using Nato standard equipment.

      Lastly someone already said that Russia is willing to let u modified your weapon with western equipment. So i don't see the problem.

    5. In my opinion sir it will be relevant since the philippines does not have a robust arms industry and imports most if not all of its major arms equipment.

      And your comparison with iraq doesn't apply with the philippines. Why? Because the americans can choose to "just give you another weapon" to iraq its because iraq has oil and the philippines does not. At the moment at least.

      "So what use worrying about spare parts compatibility?" the AFP is well known for its ability to stretch out the life span of its existing hardware because of SPARE PARTS and home grown filipino ingenuity. Try swapping out engine parts from a toyota sedan and lets say a bmw. Sorry bro but I don't get ur logic. Once again I go back to logistics (supply chain) and interoperability.

      And with russia letting you modify your platform with western tech I do believe I mentioned something about that on this thread.


  11. We don't need those expensive tanks and armor. They are easily detected and destroyed, and our bridges cannot bear their weight.

    What we need are highly mobile light units with MANPADS and ATGM's and personal armor. That can easily hide in the countryside and cities as hunter killer teams..

    1. I agree that very fast AFVs and IFVs in large quantities (2,000 at least) are what we need for quick action in a tropical environment & urban centers when that day comes that the Philippine Army will reclaim back North Borneo from Malaysia if our next president has this agenda as his priority mission. We need the oil wealth of North Borneo to be able to finance & quickly accelerate AFP modernization before we start kicking China out of our Spratly Island territory which rightfully belong solely to the Philippines.

    2. PH already have RPG-7. U just need the newest war head. Tandem? Or Thermobaric?

  12. Whether expensive or not we really need to have those kind of military hardware for our defense. But if we really need to buy those kind of equipment why not we don't go for NATO standards or Israel has a better and proven track and off course consider the supplies of ammunition we can easily request. Than to have those Russian made it might be possible that China will block our ammunition request in case of emergency. d ba?

    Mc Pads

  13. The Philippines should locally manufacture the ammunitions for the AFVs/IFVs/APCs/Light tanks so the AFP can have unlimited supply and not rely on foreign suppliers.

  14. For the Philippine Army, we should buy first the Russian MIRV-equipped ICBMs with conventional warheads as an offensive deterrent against China's ICBMs. We have no land border with China if we go to war so MBTs have no use. Better buy ICBMs that can reach China so we can counter-attack if China starts to attack us with ICBMs.

  15. Hello everyone my name is Sebastian and i want to dispel some of the false fact about Russian weapon that i read in here. Somebody already try it, but i think i can do better.

    But first to be clear, I don't push Philippine to own Russian weapon, but i just want to clear the false fact. In fact i prefer that u buy Swedish. Again that is my opinion.

    Let's start with the price and the maintenance cost.

    No, both is cheaper than it's western counter part. In the FB, Sir Max once told me that the cost to maintenance Malaysian Sukhoi is more than twice of their F-18. But i have analyze it and found that is because they use it more than F-18. Let me explain:

    Both plane engine is need overhaul each 1000 hour of flight. So with equal rate of overhaul, what make the cost more higher is the hour of flight.

    In the scenario where Sukhoi is 30% cheap, to be more than twice the cost, it need 3x times flight hour compare of F-18. 3 x 0,7 = 2,1.

    In the scenario where the cost is equal. It's still need 2x times flight hour compare of F-18. 2 x 1 = 2.

    So its only look expensive because the Malaysian use it more. And why don't they. It's more cheaper in operational cost and maintenance.

    Is there any plane that is more cheaper than Sukhoi? Yes there is. I believe Gripen and F-16 is cheaper. But, that is because they are single engine, while Sukhoi is twin. Two engine cost more than single.

    Next is the fear about embargo, jack price and China factor.

    This is simple, just look at the fact. When the last time u hear Russian embargo someone? Did they leave Syria or Iran or Vietnam? Or they keep supplying them regardless USA or China opposition? The fact is they rarely embargo any country.

    Jack the price? Any case of that? Never hear it.

    As for China factor, all u need to look is Vietnam that soon own the best Kilo sub armada in ASEAN and recently just build two missile ship equip with Russian missile that can hit ship from 130 km away.

    This is the proof that Russian don't afraid to sell weapon to China enemy.

    Next is Russian quality and durability.

    If u fear about India Sukhoi case, all i said is don't worry. Their problem is because they were Indian made and have no quality control. In fact Rafale have refuse to guarantee Rafale that was made in India because Dassault have no quality control and thus pending the deal. Eventually India prefer all Rafale was made in French.

    Russian quality and durability is good. For example Russian plane was design to operate from poor maintenance airfield, they even let the plane park outside instead in hangar. Hit by rain, storm and ice in winter. MIG 29 for example have equipment that allow them operate in field with no tarmac. U don't see that kind of ability in western plane.

    So their goods is good.

    Next is Russian weapon compatibility with the rest of the system and logistic.

    Russian weapon actually compatible with many western system. Many it user use western system. Plus Russia actually allow modification to their weapon. Check Malaysian Sukhoi, it have western system.

    As for logistic, since i think u don't actually own any of this regardless west or Russian, u still must start from zero. So what the problem? If u buy from west, u still must build the logistic from zero, just like if u buy from Russian.

    1. I agree, this is very true. to add more for the quality and durability of Russian weapons systems just look at the wars in Korea and Vietnam where Russian weapons and planes were heavily used. They have proven themselves like the MIG 21s, SAMs, RPGs, T 52 tanks, AK 47s, etc. I say we should start procurnent some of our weapons and equipment from Russia especially if the price is cheaper compared to the west.

  16. Sorry i actually need to split my post because it's to long. Continue:

    Next is Russian hate of competitor and will want u to use their maintenance crew forever and will never let u buy spare part from other company.

    Lets be fair, who defense company that like competition? Do western company like competitor? Everyone hate competition.

    Again lets be fair about spare part. Will u let your product use others made spare part? Will Boeing like or let u using Lockheed made spare parts? No, no one will like or allow their product using others made spare parts.

    As for maintenance crew and spare part, they actually like everyone else. If u pay them to technology transfer the weapon and set up local maintenance manufacturing, they will do it. India and Malaysia for example have pay for that and now produce their spare part locally.

    So in this case Russian and western is the same. Hate competitor, hate spare part made from other and will be glad to give u tech transfer if u pay them.

    Lets all be fair. Do everything that u fear will not happen if u pick western weapon? Do their already expensive price product have no string attach? Will they not angry if u use other made spare part? Will they actually give u a better price/cost for operational and maintenance?

    Because frankly i don't see the different between Western and Russian arms company. They both want money. The different is the price and which product is more suitable for your country.

    Buying arms is never 100% clear. Is your budget good enough or is the source of your budget only allow u to buy from certain nation. Or there is an offer that is to good to be past. Or there is politic involve.

    But for me the only thing that i can tell u is:


    - Sebastian

    1. After your miles explanation your still in our side wright? not to buy Russian hardware LOL!

      Yes, Russsian and Western or even China is now selling their hardware they all both need money! but why you need to go to your allied enemy in terms of conflict you think your allies will help you when they know that your own military hardware is came from their enemy? unleash will pay them to help us or else they will just tell you this!!.... "NO WAY!!! we just mean business..."

      Mc Padz

    2. Very good points sebastian. I was just wondering if yes for some miraculous reason the AFP does decide to procure russian made hardware (with that I mean MRF's AJT's MBT's IFV's APC's among other things) I think the AFP would opt for the platforms to be fitted with western tech (radars targeting systems and fire control systems) would not the price tag go up? Since it would mean configuring the said hardware to accomodate the western tech. Or would it still be cheaper than say buying brand new from western sources. Sir max what are your thoughts on this if you don't mind.

      or would fitting russian hardware with israeli tech be more ideal?


    3. I disagree with the argument that Russian equipment has a lower maintenance cost. This is not supported by the actions of foreign users of Russian equipment. For example: you said that Malaysia uses the Su-30 MKM more than their Hornets. Yet in Lahad Datu the ones that show up are the F-18 Hornets. They are supposedly cash-strapped and thus wanting to lease instead of buying (again, having rejected the possibility of continuing to use MiG-29 even without upgrading). And yet the candidates includes Super Hornet, Typhoon, and Rafale. Why does Malaysia not immediately go with more Flankers if they are as economical as you said? We see Vietnam choosing C-295 instead of the Ilyushin equivalent and buying Dutch frigates instead of Russian ones. Former Soviet states in Eastern Europe have said outright that it is cheaper to buy new Western fighter jets instead of upgrading their MiGs, despite the fact that they already have the MiGs and they will have to switch to an entirely new hardware. When Indonesia bought MBT, they considered T-90 among others and chose Leopard II. Russia offered the T-90 to Thailand and Malaysia, and lost. None of these three Southeast Asian countries are exclusive user of Western equipment.

      I also think that you don't quite understand how Western suppliers handle the logistic chain. Currently the Philippine is has a tender for spare parts for the Huey II helicopter. This is an open tender. Everybody can bid on it. In the past we have American, Canadian, Singaporean, and Filipino suppliers competing to supply spare parts for not just Huey, but also C-130, the S-211, the now retired F-5, and many others. Bell does not retaliate for this, nor does Boeing, Lockheed Martin, etc. The Philippine has done this for years and had suffered no economic sanction at all. So your assertion that Western suppliers act the same way as Russia is simply untrue. Russian spare parts, on the other hand, must come through Rosoboronexport. If you try to locate a supplier from other ex-Soviet States or China or India or make your own part, Russia will retaliate somehow. There are known cases of this happening in India and Serbia.

      I am not against the idea of using Russian equipment and I agree that Swedish equipment is very good, but having seen what other ASEAN countries do plus hearing the occasional anecdotes from their own countrymen, the idea that Russian equipment is cheap and has no string attached is not quite true. They have a cheap initial price, but higher maintenance cost to make up for it, and it does come with strings, but the strings are economical, not political. This might still be acceptable. We see many countries continue to buy Russian military equipment. But to be able to properly weigh the pros and cons of buying Russian, you need to know what the pros and cons are first.

    4. Sebastian here, thanks for the respond:

      @ Mc Padz:

      Not sure i can say much about politic, but im sure or at least think that "allies that can arms them self is better than the one that need to be arms from your own pocket".

      Many USA allies still buy Russian and China weapon. Pakistan for example keep receiving USA aid even when they buying China weapon.

      The truth is politic is complex, u just need to play it right and some nation seem can do it.


      @ Inigo:

      Adding non standard system will always rise the price/cost. I do not believe it will be so close with western weapon, but it can happen in some platform (tank is especially true).

      I think i can only say that is depend on what platform u use and what upgrade that u will want.

      Malaysian Sukhoi and Indonesian missile boat is cheaper compare western counterpart with equal ability.

      But in the case of the most advance T-90 variant with western range finder and firing system, i think it almost equal or more expensive than K1A1. It's South Korean, but hi tech and have German canon.

      The price it's depend on your platform and the upgrade, but the one you chose will probably based the needs of your country. If weight it's concern go to T-90. If Korea give a better bonus u probably pick them.


      - Sebastian

    5. Wow i need to split again.

      @ To anonymous:

      Im going try to answer/reply to your question and statement one by one so bear with me and my bad English:

      Lahad Datu is in Sabah, they station their Sukhoi in Gong Kedak at Malaya Peninsula. I think the F-18 just more closer.

      Actually one of the candidate for replacement of Malaysian Mig-29 is Su-35. Even in the last stage of leasing bidding only three plane last, SU-35, Rafale and Saab. But it's almost certain Saab is win because it throw a lease of 2 S340 AEW aircraft (their cheap version of AWACS) that Malaysian need. Russian and French can't do the same.

      Why they don't buy Ilyushin or Russian ship? Well not all u need can be fulfill by Russian. And not always the western is more expensive. In cargo plane for example C-295 that u mentioned is very affordable, at least more cheap than USA C-17 or C-130J. Very-very cheap compare USA cargo plane.

      Which eastern nation? And what western plane that replace it? Take Poland for example that still use many Soviet era plane. They still keep their MIG. And the western plane that they buy is F-16, the most affordable western fighter second only by Gripen. It depend on what western plane that they buy to be considered more cheaper.

      As why no ASEAN nation buy T-90, u probably need to see their contract. Indonesia for example get a very good price from German and bonus of Marder IFV. Sometime u need to see what they get at that deal for that kind of price.

      Rosoboronexport is the only company where u can buy Russian weapon and spare part. Putin organize every Russian arms industry into one company and that is Rosoboronexport. All "Russian made" weapon must come from them.

      I don't think India can be embargo by Russian, this is because they set up the factory to produce spare part locally in India as part of the deal. The same deal with Malaysia. Both can make spare part locally as that is part of the deal.

      I don't think there is a problem between Serbia and Russia. But probably more to money issue. Russian will not give spare part for free.

      In all fairness no company can stop u from buying other supplier. Even Malaysian have buy spare part from India for their Mig 29. Russian was angry (for not getting the money), but they don't stop it from happening. Every company is angry if u don't use official/original spare part, because they lost money.

      To give u example is to see Russian and China relation. U can see how Russian angry seeing China copy the design of their fighter. But they still doing business and Russia keep offer China weapon (and to some extend to China enemy like Vietnam). Russia seem don't care as long they get money.

      To convince u that Russian weapon is cheap and easy to maintenance, u need to see most of Russian customer. Mostly are nations that not with good economy. If the maintenance cost is high, they will not buy it.


      Look people, i can't explain/answer every case why some natin don't use Russian weapon, the same way u and everyone else can't explain why not every nation not using western weapon.

      Arms buying is blur/opaque business. Some because political reason, some because bonus, maybe involving bribe or other reason that we just don't know.

      Im not here to make u buy Russian weapon, im just here try to dispel the bad image of Russian weapon. If u don't want to buy Russian its OK, im not a seller, not even a Russian.

      So again i say:


      - Sebastian

    6. I think the reason why the ph government does not procure russian hardware is more of a political one first and foremost. And not for anything the AFP practically patterened itself on the USAF. We're basically a very ill-equipped yet battle hardened mirror image of the USAF. The only thing missing is the stars and stripes taller service personnel and a lighter shade of skin color. (kiddn) Even our top generals and admirals went to west point and annapolis. Hence the leaning towards western equipment. They saw first hand its effectiveness then sadly looked back at what they have to operate in their respective armed force. But I do see the need to diversify our military equipment Although along the lines of NATO countries and aligned countries such as south korea and japan. Which are obviously cheaper but were still developed with the idea of interoperability with its stronger ally ( the US).


    7. @sebastian

      You are indonesian if I am not mistaken.
      Care to comment on this?

      Since we're talking about armored assets maybe this is something the ph can procure in the future.


    8. Sebastian here, yes i am an Indonesian. You must be see me in Sir Max FB.

      What my nation try to produce is essentially a light tank. Because it's more easy, simple and economic to be made. We try to create a project that still in our own capacity in technicality and financial.

      It will be more simple that the competitor light tank market, plus Turkey probably made the better variant, but since we plan to produce it our self, the cost will be lower and like every weapon platform, it can always be upgraded.

      Yes, if this project successful i think we more than happy to sell it to Philippine. Almost every weapon products in the world from every maker was made with intention to be sale to other nations.

      But i like to point out, that your nation in rather accidentally have already produce a light tank. Those M113 that have Scorpion turret more or less can be considered as light tank.

      Sure like scorpion, some will say that is not a tank, but for me that is a light tank. It may not as deadly as MBT, but then again which light tank was?

      - Sebastian

    9. Quote per quote from a reply from this:

      "As to why we are not getting any russian made equipments, its actually simple, no russian manufacturer has yet gotten interest in participating in any of the biddings undertaken by our AFP/DND, hence the reason why. True, there are several Balkan State defense manufacturers (formerly Yugoslavia) who seem to be actively participating in several of the biddings being put out by our AFP/DND, but I can tell you (and you can try validating my statement here) that none of these Balkan State manufacturers are actually interested in participating in biddings on their own. As it is, defense manufacturers in both Serbian and Bosnian states doesn't have the financial capacity to initially pay for the acquisition and only to be later on paid 60 days (more likely 90 to 120 days in reality) after their delivery of the equipment. These defense manufacturers are dealing on a COD basis, meaning they give you the product and you pay for it upfront. If at all, there are local agents purportedly representing these Balkan State defense manufacturer in biddings here, but in truth, these manufacturers doesn't even have the inkling that they are actually participating in the bidding. The local agent, if he/she manages to secure the contract will only need to come up with the money to purchase the goods (weapons or ammunitions) either from the manufacturer he/she purports to represent or in the Blackmarket where the price is much cheaper (but the goods unreliable) where most of the war materiel which are remnants of the Bosnian War ended up, in order to make a killing."

  17. Except for the missile carrying vehicles and the MRAPs, saan ba balak gamiten ng AFP ang mga ito? Sino kalaban? and BIFF? MILF? during Erap's time, the AFP nearly wiped these terrorists, and even then wala pa tayong mga gamit na matino. I think the upgraded M113s and the Howitzers would be enough against those bandits.

    Pwede ba naten i-ferry yan mga tangke na yan sa KIG? Will it make a difference?

    Ang liit na ng budget naten, inu-una na nga ang mga transport assets, support assests, VIP planes and choppers, tapos hahatian mo pa ng ganito. What we need are jets, SAMS, subs, Anti-Ship missiles, a few more surface combatants to deter China.

    These tanks can wait until we get our air and sea assets tio a respectable level.

    And besides, when the time comes when we have to use our MBTs, it's time na may lumapag na Chinese sa palawan, or sa Zambales, but then again -- if and whjen that time comes we'll be fighting side by side with the Japs, the Americans, the Australians and perhaps even with Vietnam.

    - Neo

    1. Kasi Sir, gago ang mga namumuno sa bansa natin..Presidente man o military leader..

      hindi nila alam ang gera ay mangyayari gustohin man natin o hindi.(ewan ko kung tinatanung ba nila sa sarili nila( ano ang purpose ng mga invention na armas ng russia,usa,china,iran,india,pakistan,turkey, etc) baka inaakala ng PINAS ay pang display lang ang mga eto LOL??) syempre self defense and offense dala na dito dba? but most of all business...pag walang gera walang kita sa mga armas na ginawa nila!) pag walang bumibili ng armas nila walang income,pag walang income gutom ang aabutin nila, kasi labas lang ng pera(i mean how much of dollar ang nka invest sa mga WAR EQUIPMENT NA GINAWA NILA) walang pasok sa kaban nila,)

      ang malaking tanong ay sa bansa ng pilipinas(ano ang gagawin nila kung mangyayari man ang gera?) kasi syempre kanya kanya depensa at opensa yan eh...(pag palagay na natin ang kano nan jan! hindi pwede mang yari na depensahan tayo ng kano at kanilang lugar at the same time) it will take time para sa kanila ang mag responde.(bago sila dumating wipe out na tayo).

      ANO ang isasalo/intercept natin sa missile ng china BUNGANGA natin? hahaha( baka inaakala din ng PINAS na ang gera noon at ngaun ay parehas parin).."noon" man to man..."ngaun" man vs unmanned....push button nalang ng mga missile nila before deployment of troops...

      ipagpalagay din 12 FA-50 tayo....ang akala ng Pinas masindak nila ang China sa 12 jet nayan? hindi...they will continue to build and take our islets(hindi nga sila na sindak/natakot sa amerika) when america tell them to stop taking island not under your territory because its against international law of the sea sumunod ba sila? HINDI) SO PANO SILA MASINDAK SA 12 JET?)

      (analysis ko lang naman eto..)

      bago matauhan ang PILIPINAS HULI NA ANG LAHAT wala na tayong pag aari sa WPS)....NGANGA na naman tayo...LOL

    2. Parehas lang naman tayo ng kagustuhan sir, at sigurado naman ako na halos lahat ng Pilipino may concern sa depensa ng Pilipinas. Emphasis on "halos", kase we all know din na may mga taong walang concern sa Pilipinas at ang ini-intindi lang ay ang mga sarili. Prime example na dyan eh ang Binays.

      So what are we going to do about this besides huwag sila iboto sa eleksyon? That's one step.

      One of the things I can think of, is be very active in spreading the right information, and if possible instill patriotism sa mga nakaka-usap naten sa araw araw. I'm not saying this na parang nag wa-war mongering ka, it's different.

      We have to rely on concerned people to turn their concerns into action. It's not enough that we're reading Maxdefense, or PDFF, or Timawa and have discussions with forumers, but we have to take this thing out in the open and let every Filipino know what's really going on and what's really at stake.

      Our media is a big joke, they rather focus on the entertainment industry rather than build a nation. They will ride the wave of nationalism, just to show they care but in truth they do not. We have to do this ourselves.

      Most Pinoys do not know the real score. It's our job to tell them. It's really up to us. I'm hopeful, sa bawat kina-kausap kong tao, I have informed them enough na tatatak sa isipin nila kung anu nangyayare sa Pilipinas, now if yung nakausap ko na tao eh wa epek pa din sa kanya sinabi ko, I hope someone else who cares, opens this same topic of National defense and explains it better than me. Until maging common knowledge na yung mga nalalaman naten dito sa Maxdefense.

      I belive kahit ang Pinoy nagugutom eh deep down may opinion pa din yan. Mahilig sa issues ang Pinoy eh. And it's our job na yung issues na yan eh maging constructive discussions. Oo na may opinion ka sa Pacquiao-Mayweather kung sino mananalo, pero ito mas maganda pag-usapan, "possible ba talunin naten ang China sa upakan?" Dyan mo ngaun ipasok nalalaman mo. At dito naman tayo e-eksena to guide him, to correct his mistaken notions. If I can make that person understand, if I can incite a little fight in him, if I can make him frown for a second against our foes, to be irked in a way like he is personally insulted, I hope the next person he talks with could make him say "Fuk 'em Let's get it on".

      - Neo

  18. Best thing to do is buy 1 squadron of Swedish Gripen NG, 1 squadron of French Mirage 2000-5, 1 squadron of Russian Mig-29 and 1 squadron of US F-16. Request for technology transfer and local assemby & maintenance of the fighter planes. Then start a R&D program from the maintenance personnel to develop our own 100% indigenous fighter.

    1. PH will not afford that. At least put on hold indigenous fighter program. Many nation have try to have and build indigenous fighter program and it too expensive.

    2. Easy for u to say. Hangang sa dila na lng tayo wla sa gawa. Di natin afford! Philippines is a very very poor country. Beside hindi masamang mangarap. Pero sa totoo na iwanan na tayo.






    - NAKA SAAD NAMAN ANG SPECIFICATION AT BUDGET NA KAILANGAN AT KAYA LANG NG GOBYERNO NATIN?BAKIT FAILURE PARIN???(meaning showing lang). kung mag pabidding ka ng gusto mo bibilhin dapat dublihin ang budget of preparation para cgurado, ganito ba ka bobo ang gobyerno regarding bidding o sa planong pagbili ng kagamitan?)







    CHINESE IS IN OUR BACKYARD and taking OUR TERRITORY and WE(Philippine nation) DO NOTHING????????

    yes alam ko negative ang comments ko...pero mali ba sinasabi ko??
    (nakaka inis ang puro niyo englisan at diskasyon jan).

    1. May point ka sa mga sinabi mo brad. Alam namen lahat dito na karamihan ng mga lider naten ay bugok at walang pakialam sa bayan. Pero wag mo naman kmi tawaging kupal dahil gusto namen mag english. Asa samen na yun kung anong salita gusto namen gamitin. Tska kaya madami nag eenglish dito dahil may mga followers ang blog na ito na hindi pilipino. Kaya po kmi nageenglish para magkaintindihan. May sense po ba iyon sa inyo? Oo puro nga kmi salita and kanya kanyang opinyon at hindi po kmi mga experto pero dba kaya nga may mga forum o blog na ganito para magkaroon ng discusyon at palitan ng mga idea at mga unting kaalaman na mayroon kmi na pwde namen maibigay sa iba at sa kalakihan "to educate the uneducated" prime example the UH-1D scandal that a certain media personality exploited which was not actually backed by facts but by heresay. Alam naten lahat ang sitwasyon ng bansa naten. Hindi lang po ito kasalanan ng mga lider naten kasalanan po naten lahat. Bakit? Kasi nakikita nga naten na mali ngunit wala po tayo ginagawa. Kaya wag mo kmi pag initan na "nag eenglisyan" kmi. lahat po tayo frustrated sa corruption ng bansa naten.

      And with your marcos sympathies I agree with you "apay? Ilocano ak!"


    2. pagpasinsyahan muna brad at sa lahat, tungkol sa mga sinabi ko na negative specially word na"kupal"

      nkaka inis lang kasi isipin na wala tayong magagawa sa mga hinayupak na bulok at corrupt na mga politician leader.

    3. In 2016, we have to choose our next leader wisely so we can redeem our national pride and dignity

    4. Masyado ka namang pikon pre!!!! palitan lang ito ng kuru-kuri at ideya wala nang iba!!! LOL

      Mc Padz

    5. Wala tayong laban sa mga insit. Mayaman kasi sila. Tayo pubri..wala na tayong magagawa dyan.

  20. I agree with the idea of the AFP possibly buying Russian equipment. The question is, will Russia sell them any? I ask because with Manila being closely allied with the US, will Russia want to risk having their technology easily accessible by the American military?

    That aside, I can definitely see the AFP equipped with Russian gear. In fact, didn't the late Boris Yeltsin try to do a deal with Manila for MiG-29's back in the 1990's?

    Perhaps the Mi-35 as a CAS platform and possible replacement for the OV-10 as one program? And maybe the Kilo-class as part of the future plans of the PN for submarine capability?

    1. Russian have try to sell Su-35 to South Korea. So i don't see why they will not do the same to Philippine.

  21. Gud day sir max. Is the AFP have a plan to buy a main battle tank? If yes, what type? And when? Thanks and waiting for your reply.

    1. Walang plan. Kasi poooooor ang pinas
      Jeep lang ang ma afford. G mo!!!!!

  22. Kabayan: Maraming ibang lahi ang sumusubaybay dito sa Forum natin kaya gumagamit ayo ng international language para magkaunawaan at magpalitan ng mga malayang opinion.

    Kabayan: hindi ibig sabihin na ang malayang opinion natin ay dapat sundin ng ating gobyerno, naniniwala kami na ang ating gobyerno ang ginagawa ang kanilang tungkulin at desisyon batay na rin sa ating kakayahang pinansiyal. Panahon ni Marcos ay may US bases lease kaya nakakakuha tayo ng maraming surplus US military equipment.

    Kabayan: Ang gobyerno natin ay hindi bobo at hindi rin super genius. Totoo si Marcos ay matalino, diktador kasabayan niya si Park of South Korea at Lee ng Singapore. Ang South Korea at Singapore ay umunlad, ang Pilipinas ay namulubi (si Marcos ay yumaman –documented).

    Kabayan: Ang mga military leader natin ay karamihan ay PMA graduate, professional, edukado at disiplinado. At i-recognize din natin ang sacrifice nila na imbes na magtrabaho sila sa private or abroad (malaking sueldo), pinili nila sa gobyerno.

    Kabayan: Failure bidding dahil na rin siguro sa lagpas sa itinatag nilang presyo (presyong kaya ng ating AFP budget na inaaproban ng ating Kongreso).

    Kabayan: Ang AFP natin ay may basehan sa pagdesisyon ng presyo sa bidding, ang iba pang sanhi ng failure bidding ay mga ibang requirenments hindi lang presyo.

    Kabayan: Alam natin lahat gaano kamahal ang bagong Barkong pandigma at ang Pinas ay hindi kasing yaman ng kapitbahay nating bansa (Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia at Thailand).

    Kabayan: Ito ang tinatawag na malayang kaisipan at opinion –na tayo ay may karapatan ibahagi ang ating malayang kaisipan.
    After Marcos baon sa utang ang Pinas, napag-iwanan tayo ng Singapore at South Korea (na ang mga lider ay kapareho ni Marcos na strongman).
    Si Cory transistion, maraming problema, maraming coup, Ramos ay may plano pero nagcollapse ang economy damay tayo, alam naman ninyo ang nangyari kay Erap at GMA.


    Kabayan: Kayo na mismo ang nagsulat na magnanakaw at corrupt si Marcos (base na rin siguro sa documented PCGG Swiss case, Hawaii case, NY case, etc.).

    Kabayan: Marcos time – dahil sa US bases lease nakakakuha tayo ng surplus US military equipment.
    After Marcos wala ng US base lease kaya wala na ring maraming surplus US military equipment.
    Dahil baon tayo sa utang at maraming problema hindi nagging priority ang AFP defense program.

    Kabayan: Hindi ka nakaboto kay Marcos at Pinoy? Absentee or underage? Mayroon naman tayong nabibiling bagong military equipment na hindi galling sa USA. Kaya super maingat ang AFP sa bidding dahil sa mahal ang presyo at limitado ang pondo.

    Kabayan: Gaya ng nabanggit ni AFP Chief Catapang kapag nagka-giyera sa South West Philippine Sea (South China Sea) hindi tutulong ang USA.
    Ang China ay military superpower, ang Japan, South Korea at USA ay maingat makipag-controntasyon sa China tayo pa kayang Pinas.

    Kabayan: alam mo bang dahil sa kaalaman natin mag-english ay naging advantage ito sa atin. Mas maraming bansa gustong i-hire ang Pinoys at Pinays bilang emleyado.

      Kung ang presyo ng 2 frigate ipagpalagay natin ay $500M or more tapos my budget tayo na $500M dollar this year wag muna mag pa bidding kukuha uli ng another $500M sa sunod na taon at doon lang dapat mag pa bidding kung gusto natin ng maingat at cgurado na bidding. kahit nag hintay ng isa pang taon atleast cgurado(YAN ANG GOVT/MILITARY WILL) hindi yung bidding bidding lang...Eto ang wala sa gobyerno natin kaya sinabihan ko sila na BOBO.

      KAHIT ANONG SABIHIN NIYO JAN...MAGNANAKAW,CORRUPT SI MARCOS ETC...ATLEAST MY WILL AND OWN DECISION SI MARCOS..eto ay batay sa critics ni Marcos until now unsolved proof.)

      Gaya ng nabanggit ni AFP Chief Catapang kapag nagka-giyera sa South West Philippine Sea (South China Sea) hindi tutulong ang USA.
      Ang China ay military superpower, ang Japan, South Korea at USA ay maingat makipag-controntasyon sa China tayo pa kayang Pinas. (MISMO) bakit naman ako tutulong sa bansang di tumutulong sa sarili nila?

      Tulad ng sinasabi ko sa ibang komento ko..tini take for granted ng Pilipinas ang Mundo na wala laging confrontation na mang yayari tulad ng China, Na may laging UNCLE SAM na tutulong sa Pilipinas,

      ANO PALAGAY NG PINAS SA ARMAS AT GINAGAWA NG AMERICA,EUROPE,IRAN,JAPAN,CHINA,RUSSIA, INDIA,TURKEY,ISRAEL, ETC. design?..NEGOSYO yan..pag walang gera walang pera..hindi sila gagastos o mag invest ng malaki para lang sa military hardware na ganito.


    2. Sa sobrang edukado. Magaling mangungurakot.

  23. Question, now that General Catapang admitted the US wont help in case of conflict in the South China Sea / West Philippine Sea, do you think its time re think our diplomacy with China? Should we consider the bilateral approach in solving the South China Sea issue? Is it illegal (by our country’s laws) to have this approach? For me, after 5 years of hard-line stand stand by this administration I never see the benefit of it instead we lost more territories. And what happen to UNCLOS ruling? Do you think if ever we will win the case China will leave the territories it grabbed? Take note US will not helped in case of shooting war in the South China Sea. Even the ASEAN summit held recently in Malaysia the opinion of other member states do not confer with the Philippines stand. So more hard-line stand more territories lost? We should look China as a partner and not as enemy. And I don’t understand our president. It’s a common fact that his descendants came from China and yet this administration doesn't want to have good relation with them and instead prefer and be subservient with Uncle Sam. Is he out of reality? For me the real enemy are the politicians who don’t take care our territories and look at the welfare of our OFWs abroad. Renbios.

    1. Ang tawag doon ay love for our country

    2. China already think Philippine a lost cause to be negotiated at. Why would they negotiate, when the case already in international court.

      The problem with this option is that there is no enforcement even if Philippine won. Is there any nation that will force China to obey the law/court decision? Not to mention the process that take more time. By the time the court make decision the situation may already to late.

      Vietnam that not bring the dispute to the court receive better treatment (still bad, but better than Philippine). They receive China money to be quite. That Vietnam spend on Russian weapons. So when something bad happen, at least they have something to fight China.

  24. If you think about it filipinos as a people aren't really that patriotic as a people. Hindi kasi naten talaga napaglaban kalayaan naten. Our revolution was hijacked. Our revolutionary leaders were sell outs. Guys if you have not read Apolinario Mabini's "La Revolucion Filipina" read it. Its a short read and there are english translations available online for public consumption. Emilio Aguinaldo was no George Washington.


    1. We do not need to use our military to protect our EEZ. We just need to enforce our maritime laws to stop China from exploiting our own EEZ marine resources. Our president's stupidity not to take "ACTIONS" and just make useless verbal and diplomatic protests against China has only emboldened China to be more aggressive with it's reclamation activities and harassment of our local fishermen inside our EEZ.

  25. we need to try everything in combination like developing our local defense industries and diversify our procurement system. Russian weapons and systems are one of the best in the world in quality and durability and effectiveness and yet cheaper than the west but now there is a new weapons supplier coming up and that is Japan. PM Abe wants to go back and make Japan a military power again because of the rise and threats from China so now they allow exporting their defense industries. and developing new ones. as far as the costs we don't know yet but Japan now has the technology to make quiter subs that made Australia interested. But I think even costs, the Russian defense products are still cheaper than Japanese although Japanese are just as good and very competitive. so the AFP should combine all these into the equation. Russian made, Japanese made, USA and local defense industries.

    Lapu Lapu

  26. I read some of the statements here saying we as a nation is poor. not really, the country is rich in natural resources and we do not have to be poor, its just mismanaged. If Indonesia, Brunei has oil then there is a big possibility that there is oil in the archipelago but I don't know why the government is not going into exploring for oil. And Russia do accept barter trade. we can barter some of our natural resources to Russia for their MIGs, SU 35s, T90 tanks, kilo class subs, SAMS, you name it. I believe Malaysia barter trade with Russia the MIG 29s about 5 or 10 yrs ago. Maybe we need another Marcos president and that is Bong Marcos. Bong understand our need for upgrading our defense and he is very intelligent too just like his late father. He has plans to run for president in near future I don't know if it will be this coming presidential elections.

    1. (sigh) What naïveté.

      First, the Philippines does have oil. And they are being explored and exploited. Check out the Philippine National Oil Company. Check out the commercial Malolo 1 oil well currently being developed. That you are not aware of them does not mean that they don't exist.

      Sure, Russia will accept barter trade. So? The Philippines does not lack dollars. The problem has never been the lack of cash. The cash, be it in peso or dollar or euro, has always been there. The lack is the willingness to spend on defense. Barter will not solve this.

      Sure, you think the Philippines need another Marcos. Sure, he's very intelligent. But he's also very dedicated in lining up his pocket. So his intelligence gets used to finding ways to eliminate rivals and diverting money into his own pocket. Here, take a look.

      I'm not the kind of blames the son for the sins of the father, but if Bong Bong wants to escape the stigma of his father's corruption, that he must make a clean break and quit trying to defend his father's sins.

    2. No,,,,, The problem is: Russian is an oil producing nation. So why would they accept oil?

  27. Hi sir max. I have question on the army sir. how many m101 105mm howitzer does the Philippine army have today? Thanks sir.

    1. Per open sources, around 120. The PMC also have their own M101.

    2. Yung EVO-105 ng Samsung Techwin maganda yun. Sana magkaroon tayo nun. Diba Sir Max maganda yun?

  28. Sir.. Look

  29. Indonesia and the Philippines already have a hundred or so BMP-3Fs in their arsenals, buy more!

  30. Sir Max, wala bang plano bumili ang ating gobyerno kahit mga used na Leopard MBT and Marder IFV? Marami daw surplus ngayon sa Germany.

  31. how about Japan. where or whom do they give their surpluses? maybe we should ask. I know they are retiring their F4 Phamtom jets and replace it with f 35

  32. Let us all campaign against Chiz Escudero, Franklin Drilon and many other politicians who don't support the AFP Modernization Program. Let us not forget Bongbong Marcos who blames the government for escalating the tensions in the West Philippine Sea by seeking the help of the US. Bongbong Marcos still wants to maintain a friendly relationship with China despite China's aggressive behavior by building islands inside our territory. These politicians are very unpatriotic.


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