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Saturday, July 25, 2015

What is the Philippine Government's Score on the Implementation of the Revised AFP Modernization Program?

If we are to score the implementation of the Revised Armed Forces of the Philippines Modernization Program now, do you know what is the result?


Now, before making any negative comments, it would be best to hear MaxDefense out first and read the entire entry. How we got the score will also be explained later.

To be fair to the government, there were projects that were completed and are now being used by coutnry's armed services, and the men in the field could really be proud of. The Philippine Army has upgraded its communications, mobility, individual and crew served weaponry in the past years. The Philippine Navy has seen its World War 2-era flagship replaced and has new assets to use in both sea and air operations. The Philippine Air Force is now flying with a few new assets for mobility roles, and have been improving its capability in anticipation of new air assets.

These are among the good points the government earned in modernizing the Armed Forces of the Philippines. They might be small steps, and small as they are, they are steps moving forward.

So what is MaxDefense trying to imply here?

All these projects that we see being implemented, and equipment being delivered, are actually part of an earlier program, called the AFP Modernization Program. To those who don't know, there are actually 2 programs involved in modernizing the AFP. The former, and the Revised AFP Modernization Program.

So let's discuss these so-called modernization programs for more clarity. MaxDefense won't be too technical now because the main objective here is to let the ordinary people know what this is all about.

The Philippine Navy has done great strides to achieve what it is today, but it needs more to be able to meet the demands of the present and future. It can only be attained if the government truly provide the necessary support to the military, especially to their equipments needs suitable for territorial defense.
Photo of BRP Ramon Alcaraz doing the "show the flag" mission taken from Philippine Navy's official website.

The AFP Modernization Program (AFPMP):

When Republic Act 7898 (RA 7898) was enacted on February 1995 under then President Ramos' administration, it was expected to be a dawn of a new era for the Armed Forces of the Philippines, which was then just newly independent from the United States armed forces after their move out of Clark Air Base and Subic Naval Base in 1991. This act will be known as the AFP Modernization Act, which encompasses the AFP Modernization Program.

It was supposed to give the AFP a jumpstart to improve its capability without the dependence on US miltiary assistance. The original plan was to provide around Php330 billion pesos over 15 years, divided into three 5-year phases, for the AFP to acquire modern equipment, improve its warfighting, peacekeeping, disaster response capabilities, and be able to defend the Philippines from both internal and external threats. Funding came from the AFP Modernization Trust Fund (AFPMTF), a repository of funds coming from different sources including general appropritations from the annual government budget, remittances coming from the Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA), and other government sources.

By 2010 or 15 years later, only a small fraction of the Php330 billion was provided due to lack of support from 3 suceeding presidetial administrations, that of Pres. Ramos, Pres. Joseph Estrada, and Pres. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. Not enough funds were provided for the AFPMTF, which curtailed the AFP from acquiring its desired equipment to enable it to conduct their duties. Shortchanged, the AFP still tried its best to acquire what it needs with what is available.

It was only for 2010 that Pres. Arroyo increased the allocation for the AFP Modernization Program to more than Php11 billion, the biggest ever since the start of implementation of the AFP Modernization Program.

But with the leadership of Pres. Benigno Aquino III, funding came in consistently than before, starting in 2011. Projects were still lined up under the AFP Modernization Program even after RA 7898's expiration on 2010 after reaching its 15 years effectivity.

The AFP Modernization Program covered by RA 7898 should have allowed the Philippines to acquire 24 to 36 modern multi-role fighters, like the McDonnell Douglas (now Boeing) F/A-18 Hornet seen above during a visit by AFP officials in the mid 1990s.
Photo taken from Lt. Col. Francis Neri, PAF FB page.

The Revised AFP Modernization Program (RAFPMP):

To enable the modernization of the AFP to continue with legal basis, on 2012, both legislative houses and Pres. Aquino passed the Republic Act 10349, or the Revised AFP Modernization Act, which extended the existing RA 7898.

Like the original program, the Revised AFP Modernization Act again spanned for 15 years from 2013 to 2028, and it was again divided into three 5-year phases, or Horizons. This will be then called the Revised AFP Modernization Program (RAFPMP).

Horizon 1 from 2013 to 2017, was originally allocated with Php75 billion, was meant to provide the Philippines with an "effective minimum credible defense posture". This includes the start of shifting the AFP's focus from internal security operations to territorial defense. Budget was later increased to around Php90 billion, and MaxDefense sources confirmed that the government is still trying to push to increase this further due to projects that needed to be implemented that are not included in those listed together for the Php90 billion budget.

Horizon 2, from 2018 to 2023, is a continuation of the earlier phase, making use of the gains made on earlier and will be focused on acquiring capabilities and improving the AFP's capabilities further. The budget allocation still varies, initially the AFP was placing it at around Php140 billion, although newer information obtained by MaxDefense puts it at more than Php500 billion for the 3 armed services and GHQ combined.

Horizon 3, the final phase from 2024-2028, would enable to AFP to be at par, or even better than some of its regional contemporaries. The AFP by then should be effective enough in its mandate to defend the country from external threats, to do humanitarian and disaster relief (HADR) operations, and protect its EEZ and and interests in the West Philippine Sea, and the eastern frontiers of the country. Budget may be somewhere between Php180 billion to a whooping Php600 billion if data obtained by MaxDefense would not be changed.

The implementing rules and regulations of the RA 10349 can be found HERE.

Projects Under the AFP Modernization Program RA 7898:

The coverage of this program spans from an era where online sources are not as effectively maintained as now, and most online information are already gone or have not been updated properly. But at a glance, it covers more than 200 projects from all three services and general headquarters from 1995 until now.

Yes. Until now.

Most of the projects that we have discussed here on MaxDefense until recently, especially those that were awarded, being built, delivered, or are on hold because of irregularities or issues, are mostly covered by the AFP Modernization Program under RA 7898. This includes the following examples of awarded big-ticket items that we are hearing nowadays:

Philippine Army: 
155mm Towed Howitzer (Elbit Systems), 5.56mm Assault Rifle (Remington Arms), Upgraded M113 (Elbit Systems), Rocket Launcher Light (Airtronic USA), and Force Protection Equipment (Achidatex Nazareth Elite-Colorado Shipyard JV)

Philippine Navy:
Landing Craft Utility (BRP Tagbanua), Hamiton-class cutters (BRP Gregorio del Pilar and BRP Ramon Alcaraz), Coast Watch Philippines, Strategic Sealift Vessel (PT PAL), MPAC Mk.1 & Mk.2 (Propmech), and Naval Helicopters (AgustaWestland AW-109).

The acquisition of 2 Strategic Sealift Vessels for the Philippine Navy are actually covered by the older AFP Modernization Program under RA 7898.
Photo taken from

Philippine Air Force:
Medium Lift Fixed Wing Aircraft (Airbus CASA C-295M), Light Lift Fixed Wing Aircraft (PTDI NC-212i), Attack Helicopters (AgustaWestland AW-109E), Refurbished UH-1 (Dornier UH-1D), Combat Utility Helicopters (PZL W-3A Sokol).

The acquisition of PZL W-3A Sokol combat utility helicopters were actually approved before the term of  Pres. Aquino. It was only during his term that the helicopters were delivered to the PAF.

Notice anything?

These are the projects that we are now cherishing and happy about! These are the same assets that we have been discussing mostly as good news!

So what covers the new program?

Projects under Phase 1 (1st Horizon) of the Revised AFP Modernization Program RA 10349 :

There are 33 projects covering the RAFPMP under the 1st Horizon covering 2013 to 2017. Of the 33, 9 are for the Army, 10 are for the Navy and Marine Corps, 11 for the Air Force, and 3 for General Headquarters.

The following are the projects covered by the RAFPMP RA 10349:

General Headquarters, AFP:
1. AFP Light Utility Vehicles
2. AFP C4ISTAR System
3. AFP Civil Engineering Equipment

The total amound for all 3 GHQ projects is around Php7 billion.
The AFP General Headquarters plan to acquire several hundred Kia KM-450 trucks from Korea for their requirements.
Photo taken from

Philippine Army:

1. Radio, High Frequency 50W for Vehicles
2. Radio, 2 to 5W Handheld
3. Rocket Launcher - Light (Lot 2)
4. Night Fighting System
5. Shore-Based Missile System
6. Tactical Engagement Simulation System
7. Thermal Imaging Device
8. Field Ambulance
9. Armored Personnel Carrier M113

The total amount for all 9 Army projects is around Php9.5 billion.

114 donated M113A2 armored personnel carriers are still languishing in US Army facility in California, awaiting for the Philippine Army to ship them out. Failing to do so within this year means goodbye to these free assets.
Photo taken from the Philippine Army Mechanized Division's official website.

Philippine Navy and Philippine Marine Corps:
1. ASW capable Naval Helicopter
2. Frigate
3. Multi-Purpose Attack Craft Mk.3
4. Amphibious Assault Vehicle
5. Marine Forces Imagery and Targeting Support System
6. Base Support and Logistics
7. Jacinto-class Patrol Vessel Combat System Alignment Phase 3
8. Jacinto-class Patrol Vessel Marine Engineering Upgrade for PS-37
9. 7.62mm Designated Marksman Rifle
10. 5.56mm Standard Weapons System

The total amount for all 10 Navy projects is around Php29.5 billion.

The awarding of the Philippine Navy's Frigate project to a winning shipbuilder is currently stalled as Pres. Aquino has not yet approved the project, thus budget is also on-hold by the DBM.

Philippine Air Force:
1. Air Surveillance Radar
2. Close Air Support Aircraft
3. Combat Utility Helicopter
4. Fighter/Surface Attack Aircraft/Lead-in Fighter Trainer
5. F/SAA/LIFT Munitions
6. Long Range Patrol Aircraft
7. Full Motion Flight Simulators
8. C-130T
9. Basing Support System for F/SAA/LIFT
10. Basing Support System for Air Surveillance Radar
11. Basing Support System for Long Range Patrol Aircraft

The total amount for all 11 Air Force projects is around Php44.9 billion.

Only the FA-50 acquisition project (above) and the Bell 412 helicopter acquisition (not shown) have made significant strides of all the projects covered under RA 10349.
Photo taken from KIA's official FB page.

Now, of all 33 projects, only 2 have been approved and are already being delivered, these are the F/SAA/LIFT which was awarded to Korea Aerospace Industries for their FA-50PH Fighting Eagle, and the CUH whiche was awarded to Canadian Commercial Corporation for the Bell Helicopters Bell 412EP. So there are still 31 projects still languishing in either Malacanang or the DND offices awaiting for approval.

But the Philippine Star recently reported that 28 projects could face delay because until now, Pres. Aquino has not signed the approval of these projects, which will allow the Department of Budget Management (DBM) to provide funding. According to MaxDefense sources, the 28 projects are all the of the remaining 31 projects except the Army's Shore-Based Missile System (SBMS) which is being pushed for realignment by the DND and AFP, and the Navy's 7.62mm Designated Marksman Rifles and 5.56mm Standard Weapons System. These 3 projects are approved in-principle by the President last March, although the SBMS project is currently being planned for realignment by new AFP Chief of Staff Gen. Iriberri, and by the Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin himself.

Who Really Should Get the Credit for the Implementation of AFPMP?

Again, to be fair, it was the Aquino administration who was able to provide the funding for the bulk of the projects implemented from the AFP Modernization Program covered by RA 7898, which were mostly made from 2010 onwards.

But they are not the ones who really can take all the credit if we really want to give it to the responsible people.

All these - the planning, the guidelines, the transparency in the acquisition processes, and the legal foundation for the sources of funding. These were actually pillars erected by previous defense and military leaders and government officials. There are even some projects that could have been acquired and completed earlier if not for the politiking and meddling of current government and defense leaders.

Some examples of projects that were completed during Pres. Aquino's term, but were actually carried-over from the previous administration include:

- Harris military radios, Kia trucks, and Night Fighting Systems (AN/PVS-14 night vision goggles) for the Philippine Army;

- The Hamilton-class high endurance cutters, the Naval Helicopter project, the Jacinto-class upgrade projects, Night Fighting Systems, and the BRP Tagbanua for the Philippine Navy and Philippine Marines;

- The SAA/LIFT project, the W-3A Sokol combat utility helicopters, the Attack Helicopter project, and the Close Air Support Aircraft project for the Philippine Air Force

Do not get MaxDefense wrong, it does not favor certain presidents or leaders to explain this idea. But in fairness to everyone involved, the Aquino administration cannot take full credit for the successful implementation of several big-ticket AFPMP RA 7898 projects.

The acquisition of the ship which was eventually be the BRP Gregorio del Pilar was actually in an advanced stage when Pres. Aquino took power.
Photo taken from

So how did we get the score of 6/100 for the RAFPMP implementation?

Let's do simple math:

Out of 33 projects, only 2 were implemented, as discussed earlier. So that's 2 out of 33.

2/33, or "2 divided by 33", is equal to 0.0606. This is also equivalent to 6.06% in percentage.

6.06% is also equal to "6.06 out of 100". You round it down, and you get "6 out of 100", or simply 6/100.

Remember, we are only counting those under the RAFPMP.

Is the government really proud in getting that miserably failing mark for one of its most important programs and legacies, which is now running in its 3rd year? MaxDefense believes that completing only 2 out of 33 by this time is not something a government should be proud of, harping around that they are serious in improving the Philippines' armed forces, 3 years since the implementation of the RAFPMP under RA 10349. This inspite promises of funding being provided for the RAFPMP from 2013 to 2015 by the annual government budget for those years.

MaxDefense won't go into too much detail anymore as it will only further complicate the issue. People may not want to read what MaxDefense can say so let's put it to that for now.

Experts Agree Too:

People who have experience and are experts on the state of Philippine security and defense affairs have been vocal on a common ground. And they believe that the current administration may not be able to meet it's promise of a "Minimum Credible Defense Posture" by 2016.

Interaksyon recently released a report commentng former military leaders, who themselves were previously involved in the modernization programs of the AFP. And suprisingly, they are also doubtful on the government's capability meet it's goals, aside from not agreeing to the DND and AFP's decision to realign the SBMS project for internal security operations equipment. They agree that the Aquino government has not really bought anything that can effectively address the country's external threats.

Some of the reasons they agree on the slow efforts by the government, among others, are weak defense leadership, corruption, personal interest over organizational needs, and defense and military leaders who are not prepared to tackle external defense needs.

Another recent report also indicated the disappointment of legislators on the implementation of the entire AFP Modernization Program, in light of the changes made by Gen. Iriberri and DND on the decision to realign the SBMS project. This highly questionable move has become a basis if the defense leadership is bent on addressing the externald defense capability of the country.

The cancellation to acquire the Shore Based Missile System under Horizon 1 of the Revised AFP Modernization Program is considered a highly questionable move. Although the planned realignment has not yet been approved by the president, the support of SecDef Gazmin to the plan could mean Pres. Aquino will definitely approve of it as well.

It should be taken note that country's National Security Adviser Cesar Garcia Jr. repeatedly told the public that the biggest and clearest secuirty threat to our country right now is China's aggression in the West Philippine Sea. With the NPA, Abu Sayaff and BIFF on the run, the MNLF silent, and the MILF wanting for a peaceful solution now, isn't it obvious enough that external threat is the worst national security problem of the Philippines that should be given full and immediate attention by the government?

Let's make 2 more examples of external defense-related projects that highlight the lack of seriousness of the government, AFP and DND leadership to meet its territorial defense needs as soon as possible:

1. There are 2 projects to improve the capabilities of the Gregorio del Pilar-class frigates. First is for a limited capability upgrade to install new radar/sensors and 25mm remote operated chain guns for the two ships of the class. The second is to improve its warfighting capability by installing defense and offensive missile capabilities.

So far, the 1st project has moved slowly, and only BRP Ramon Alcaraz has been installed with two Mk.38 Mod.2 guns. There is no news if the guns for the BRP Gregorio del Pilar were even ordered. Both ships have not receive any new radar as well.

The 2nd project has not moved at all. According to MaxDefense sources, the proposals by several companies to arm the ships with missiles and other systems have been sleeping somewhere in the DND. Among those offered were the ones discussed by MaxDefense in its previous blog entries about the frigates.

The only major upgrades made on the Gregorio del Pilar-class frigates of the Philippine Navy are two Mk.38 Mod.2 guns on BRP Ramon Alcaraz. The other ship, BRP Gregorio del Pilar, has not received the same upgrade. Both ships have not received any new air and surface search radars or missile systems until now.

2. The FA-50PH were acquired not just because of its lead-in fighter trainer capability, but also because of its ability to be the Philippine Air Force's interim fighter aircraft until new Multi-Role Fighters are acquired in the future. But among those pending the President's approval are 2 projects to acqurie air-to-air and air-to-ground missiles, 20mm gun ammunition, and defensive chaffs and flares.

With the FA-50PH already being built and the first 2 units arriving in December 2015, the acqusition of ordnance to be carried by these aircraft has stalled. Even if the President sign the approval this week, it would definitely take more than a year before the first shipment may probably arrive. That means that from December 2015 until that time, the aircraft will be nothing more but training and surveillance aircraft without any capability to fight air and surface targets.
Without missiles like the AIM-9L/I-1 Sidewinder, which is among being considered for the FA-50PH, then these aircraft will be nothing more but mere training aircraft.
Photo taken from Wikimedia.

Until President Aquino fails to find the problem within his defense and military leadership as well as his budget allocation priorities, MaxDefense believes that he cannot put into reality his promises of a capable Armed Forces of the Philippines of a "Minimum Credible Defense Posture" by the time he goes down in July 2016. 

And with only a few months left for him to close all defense acquisition deals before becoming considered as "midnight deals", MaxDefense does not know how the president and his men can really settle the deadlines. 

Another thing that worries MaxDefense: with the current projects already delayed, it would definitely have an effect on the succeeding projects of the Revised AFP Modernization Program covered under Horizon 2 from 2018-2022. Delays now means further delays later on too.

Until then, the best we can hope for now is for him to sign the pending acquisition project approval endorsements under Horizon 1. Only DND now knows how they can make a miracle without making questionable and highly irregular decisions to speed up the acquisition process and awarding of contracts before October 2015.

Delays now could also mean delays later. We might see the Horizon 2 phase's MRF project pushed a few more years from its original target schedule if the government cannot meet its schedule for Horizon 1 projects.


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  2. Good points Max. Kudos for a well-balanced opinion.

    If I may so however, the Marine Forces Imagery and Targeting Support System (MITSS) has been awarded to Triton Communications already, but no word publicly for the delivery of the small UAVs yet.

    1. I believe it was considered a failed bid after Triton failed to meet the requirements. A 2nd attempt did not happen as well.

    2. Correction lng sir Max. Wala naman rebidding. 2loy parin kaya lang si Triton gustong maki-pag ammendment dahil tumaas na daw $ rates, tapos wala pa din daw pala budget sabi ni DBM.

  3. AFP Modernization in general is a BIG JOKE! Fu*k AFP and DND!

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    1. Sir Max, how could Pres Aquino succeed if he fails to find the problem? May I ask if you know what happened to the AFPMP Trust Fund? Did PFVR ever give the supposedly share of the AFP thru the AFPMP Trust Fund when Fort Bonifacio was sold? What projects were achieved under PFVR in connection with RA 7898? With PJPE? With PGMA?

    2. Thank you so much. More power!

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  8. Here's my Opinion. for the Philippine Air force, if they can't get the Gripen. They should Talk to France on getting the used Mirage 2000 or Talk to Russia on buying the SU-27. At the same time make a direct deal with Brazil on the A-29 Super Tucano for CAS/ISR and Pilot Training. As for Helicopters, they need to talk to the USMC on taking their old CH-46 Sea Knights for Medium Lift and asking about the AH-1W or AH-1Z for Attack helicopters. The other option would be the Denel Rooivalk or MI-35 from Russia or asking Turkey on the TAI/AgustaWestland T129.

    For the Philippine Navy, they need to make a direct deal with the US Coast Guard on buying all the remaining Hamilton class Cutters. At the same time, Talk to Italy on getting the Maestrael class Frigate or Lupo class Frigate. If the Philippines are Bold enough, make a direct deal with the US Navy on buying the Perry class Frigates and modifying them to Australian's Adelaide-class frigate or Turkey's G class Frigate. If they are bold enough, talk to Russia on buying and building their own Gepard class Frigates or the Steregushchy-class corvette.

    For the Philippine Army, they need to actively go after getting a Light Tank such as the CV90105 or CV90120T. The other option would be talk to South Africa on buying the Ratel IFV, Rooikat or the Rooikat. As for Air defense, they need to talk to Russia on buying the S-400/S-300 system or Israel on the Barak 8, SPYDER or Norway on the NASAMS or France on the Aster (missile family).

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  10. no such thing as two sided negative comment. depending on which side your on. there are can only be pro logical or anti logical arguments. filipinos should change this mindset(because the govt is abusing it now, people are even unaware). problems are asked and discussed, speech is used. do not wait for the apple to fall down your mouth, if an apple tree produces rotten apples then plant a new one. if the owner of the tree gives you half an apple then takes 98% of the rest then remove him. im relating this to the type of govt we have. no one is pointing this problem, even at the govt level. filipinos are still cowards. no revolution is coming.

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  16. 2nd horizon:

    No MRFs, re-sked to the third phase.

    And.. be prepared for 6 additional FA-50s (bringing the total up to 18 jets) as our interim MRFs.

    Interim means - 20 years

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  19. Sir Max. We've been closely watching and monitoring the acquisition and of AFP's projects. As these will have to do with the overall effect of security internal and external... the problem is they always bump into political agenda's. Be it "tuwid na daan" or "liko likong daan". Only minimal is happening... Roilo Golez is correct, though I'm no fan of him. But his opinions were correct, if we're to go around the acquisitions of external security in favor of force protection, though important, but we will miss the chance of having these external defense hardware that are very much needed in the stormy situations on WPS nowadays. I really don't get it. If this present administration tells us they have made strides in equipping our military with hardware that our military can be proud off, then why does it seems odd that the best equipment's needed to patrol our shores and watch our territories is still pending... Just observing :) sorry if I got carried away... keep posting sir Max we always look forward to new blogs regarding the AFP update...

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  24. “China respects strength. If they see you as being weak, they’ll eat you alive.” - Dewi Fortuna Anwar

    If there is still continued realigning on the part of the DND and AFP, the horizon that they are planning would just be a dark horizon. There's no need for the AFP modernization if China would devour the islands/shoals that the AFP vow to protect.

  25. Since ,it will take 4 years to complete the frigates. Maybe its better to acquire two second hand destroyer from Japan and equipped it with necessary weapons and radar. Then the brand new frigates should be transfer to the second horizon of the plan. The shore base missile should be compliments with the second hand destroyer.

    1. no, we want the japanese frigate/destroyer for free...or forget it, we buy more helmets :-p


  26. The modernization was a total failure.

    1. no it is not, it is just being realigned for the nth horizon until 2128.....newly acquired helmets will take care of all our external security and defense issues :-p


  27. Because of Politics, Bureaucratics and Self-Vested Interests are the cause of the delay and is crippling onr national defense and security externally. Once instance, our U.S. ally is offering Phase 1 upgrade for the WHECs upgrade under Foreign Military Funding to include the JCPV upgrade which is economical but why our leaders have turn down the offer
    and opportunity? The project an be implemented within 10 months for WHECs upgrade. Wala talaga pong mangyayari sa defense natin. Why Australia, Japan and South Korea a US allies is aquiring assets from U.S for joint operational common platform in preparation for any eventuality of war Asia-Paific because of the threats of ICBM with nuclear warheads or atomic bombs warheads or Electromagnetic Pulse Warheads. Yes indeed is costly but we can ensure as an ally that we can must contribute for the security umbrella during any eventuallity as a true and real ally of U.S.

  28. Our priority is internal security, if we secure our backyard then we can secure other parts of the country. This is why we are re-aligning the frigate project and the LRPA for the third horizon. As a replacement, we would procure additional helmets because additional helmets is never a bad thing. We at the Army would need new socks too, and probably a few hundred water tumblers because soldiers can't win wars when they are thirsty.

    For the Philippine Navy, we are in advance talks with the Central African Republic and Malawi to loan us 2 patrol boats.

    As for the Philippine Air Force, we're considering giving our FA-50 pilots the award winning simulators we have in the market, among those we are eyeing are "After Burner", "Top Gun" and "Ace Combat". We would also procure 2 lots of FA-50 pilot uniforms, and 12 genuine FA-50 replica key chains.

    - Ireberri

  29. Sir why dont you copy furnish this comments of yours directly to the President or email him. Maybe he is not aware with some lapses by his officials of DND and AFP about the real conditions or maybe they were intentionally covering up with some failed projects so they could make money out of it.I believed your write ups are fair and valid that President Aquino can be enlighten & considered this program suggestion.

  30. Hi Max, I think somebody should remind the President and he should act on this one as TOP PRIORITY before his term end next year. Why is it the Phil Army always insisting internal defense when there is real threat to WPS and yet these soldiers are been slaughters in ambushes in all over the regions and still yet their APC are not been deliver to them? Are they playing politics the suppliers again ans also within the brasses of DND and AFP or just they are waiting that something may happen to their commissions and just be plain stupid enough to ignore the presences of the chinese in our territorial sovereignty in WPS?

  31. I would like to respectfully disagree, Max.

    First off, if the President did not fund these projects, even if they were passed by the previous administration they would just stay as that, plans.

    Also, you have sort of contradicted yourself in saying that the President signed RAFPMP to be able to continue the programs and fund them. Again, he could have chosen to shelve those programs and create his own, rendering past gains moot. But he CHOSE to continue them and bring them to fruition.

    Someone who simply gives you a cookbook while you do the picking of recipes, shopping for ingedients, and finally cooking said recipes cannot be given credit for being the one who is responsible for the dishes.

    These projects were not SIGNED by GMA but instead by Noy. They were being discussed and planned, but no implementation was actually done. A good example would be the SSV that was much talked about back in GMA's term but was never signed into existence by Indonesia and the Philippines. The fact stands that the IMPLEMENTING administration takes the cake because it moved past talking.

    Now for all the haters, think about that. You're frustrated because you didn't get instant results like when you cook instant noodles. But fact remains that PNoy was the one who opened his wallet and got you the hot water to be able to buy and eat those noodles, while all GMA did was say "let's buy these noodles".

    Now tell me again, who actually bought these items?

  32. its true that the costs of acquiring modern weapon systems and other defense items are very expensive but it is a must for a sovereign country especially when there is a threat from its neighbors. no matter how expensive it is. It is also a part of sacrifice for the whole nation and citizens to support the acquisitions to protect itself. Buying all these expensive items like jet fighters, radars, missiles, subs and frigrates is one of the sacrifices the taxpayers have to endure for the defense of the motherland and it is well worth it in the end. Besides how can they protect the oil drilling in WPS without these modern equipment and weapons for the Navy and AirForce? once oil or natural gas is found then it will pay back all the sacrifices the taxpayers spend. so AFP modernization is an act of patriotism by the leaders and taxpayers and investment overall for the future and not just act when its too late and call Uncle Sugar. that's cowardice.

  33. I think its better to refurbished those big guns that are found in Bataan. Regarding what ammunition would be used for those, we can tie some congressmen and senators and let them hold big bombs used on our aging broncos. That's the best SBMS we can have. 2 birds in 1 stone. We clean up the TRAPOS and at the same time we have a good defense against China :)

    1. dont forget about cowardly and incompetent AFP/DND leadership, you can also stuff together with the cannon shells and fire away to China's direction :-p

  34. Pres. Aquino myt have notice something iregularities in procuring process of afp and he doesnt want it to happen in his term. In other asean country they have separate department who do the purchasing and not the military.

  35. what do we expect from incompetent and cowardly 'leaders' who had already declared surrender before the fight has started.....who threw away honor, respect and prestige by begging alms, leftover and peanuts from so called 'allies'...God save us all.

  36. The real reason why Pres. Aquino has not yet signed his approval for the pending 31 projects of AFP Modernization is "NOT ENOUGH AVAILABLE FUNDS" to allocate the budget for these AFP projects especially now that the 2016 election campaign period is nearing. If there was "SUFFICIENT FUNDS", Pres. Aquino would have signed it earlier. Just a simple logical thinking and common sense.

  37. Max, is the news related to SSV transfer of technology reliable?

  38. Sir max, i think your math is wrong. It should be the cost of the two approved project over the cost of the thirty-three projects. Thanks

    1. I contemplated on that before I made the blog entry. But it doesn't make sense. We are counting the number of projects the government was able to finalize, not the total cost of the projects. If you base on the contract amount, the results will really become favorable to the government.

    2. Each project, big or small ticket ones, follow the same procedure and the same processes of planning and acquisition, as well as approval. I cannot disclose too much because of obvious reasons, but there were projects as small as a few hundred million pesos worth that are stuck in the proposal form even after more than 4 years, and there are projects worth several billions like the FA-50 that got prioritized.

  39. PAF should try to buy the Russian SU 30 Flanker. Its the most beautiful designed fighter jet so far with its vector trusts. India and China has several squadrons of this.

  40. Nag-approve na naman daw ng 30 projects si Pnoy. That will make it 32/33 but it will be very hard to believe that all 30 projects will be awarded before OCTOBER 2015.

    Pampapogi nalang sa SONA yung pag-approve nya sa 30 projects. It's too late. Mabagal ang DND at kapos na tayo sa oras. We have less than 3 months to do it. Maloloko nya ang mga may maliliit na utak but not me.

  41. Yan lang yung modernization? tapos ang lakas ng loob nya makipag away sa china, eh tayo naman at pamilya natin ang ibabala sa canyon pag nag ka gyera habang sya ang unang tatakas sa US gamit ang submarine.


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