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Friday, June 8, 2018

PTDI Finally Delivers 2 NC-212i Aircraft to the Philippine Air Force

Indonesia's PT Dirgantara Indonesia (PTDI) has finally started the delivery of two (2) NC-212i for the the Philippine Air Force.

MaxDefense contributors confirmed the departure of the said aircraft, which was later corroborated by sources close to people working with PTDI.

PT Dirgantara Indonesia won a public tender to supply the Philippine Air Force with a light tactical aircraft under the PAF's Light Lift Fixed Wing Aircraft which was tendered as early as 2013. Several tenders were attempted as bidding failures plagued the project until PT Dirgantara Indonesia won the last attempt, and was awarded the contract to deliver two (2) NC-212i aircraft the 1st quarter of 2014.

The project was part of the original AFP Modernization Program mandated by Republic Act 7898 made in 1995. Although it was part of the old modernization program, it was only implemented and funded during the term of Pres. Benigno Aquino III when the Revised AFP Modernization Program was already approved.

One of the NC-212i aircraft, as it departs for Clark Airbase today 08 June 2018.
Photo sourced from PTDI.

The aircraft were supposed to be delivered by late 2015 as per the contract schedule. But PTDI was forced to replace the aircraft's Autopilot System to Genesys Aerosystems due to some issues with the previous autopilot supplier. While PTDI was able to incorporate the new autopilot system from Genesys to the NC-212i aircraft, they were unable to immediately secure the certification needed and required for customers to accept the aircraft. Among those affected were NC-212i orders for the Vietnam People's Air Force, and the Philippine Air Force.

Another issues was that the certification is not PTDI's sole responsibility, but was in coordination with Airbus Military, which is the original design owner of the NC-212i's predecessor, the C-212i Aviocar made by CASA (now part of Airbus Military). It appears that Airbus Military was only able to get the certification for the autopilot system for use on the C-212/ NC-212i a few months ago.

The delays were too long, resulting to PTDI getting slapped with a 1-year blacklisting from joining biddings with Philippine government projects. And yet, after the 1-year blacklisting, the aircraft were still unavailable for delivery for the same autopilot certification issue.

The two NC-212i aircraft for the Philippine Air Force, seen here in PTDI's facility in Indonesia, as it awaits for the certification for the autopilot system to be released. The wait took more than 1 year.
Photo taken from

But that is now all in the past.

The two aircraft were delivered to the Philippine Air Force today, 08 June 2018, after being flown from Indonesia to Clark Airbase in Pampanga. It is expected that the PAF will conduct some checks and is expected to formally receive the aircraft and commission them into service with the 220th Airlift Wing within the next few days.

MaxDefense will provide updates on this once the commissioning is made. We thank our sources for the photos on its arrival, and the information of its arrival.

One of the NC-212i flies off to Clark Airbase in Pampanga.
Photo sourced from PTDI.

One of the NC-212i still with temporary Indonesian markings, and was photographed at a PAF airbase on 10 June 2018.
Credits to MaxDefense community member who wish to remain anonymous, for exclusively sharing to us this photo.


Light Lift, Fixed Wing Aircraft Acquisition

End User: Philippine Air Force (220th Airlift Wing)
Modernization Phase: RA7898 AFP Modernization Program 3rd Part
ABC: Php270,000,000.00
SARO Release: 2013
Winning Proponent: PT Dirgantara Indonesia (Indonesia)
Contract Price: Php813,000,000.00 through Negotiated Procurement
First post by MaxDefense: 25 September 2013


  1. At least indonesia paid penalties for their shortcoming part while south korea got away scot free laughing at the face of Philippines in FAP fiasco.

  2. I'm Indonesian and we apologize for the delay. While we aren't directly responsible for the certification delay, we should have a plan ready for alternatives when Genesys and Airbus did not finish the certification process on schedule. We did finish the actual aircrafts on time. The aircrafts had been waiting for the necessary certifications for over two years! But they're finally home today. Thank you Philippines Air Force for your patience and understanding.

  3. Just checked this aircraft's accident records world wide, a lot crashed with almost all passengers question comes into mind, is NC-212 safe and reliable?

    1. Well this aircraft
      usually flies on a "mission" rather than "regular flights" When you fly on a mission you have a somewhat disregard for basic safety because your goal is your mission. Second is this is usually used on airports with very basic facilities (and sometimes just dirt road or grass) hence an increase safety risk. It's not really the aircraft. This is the reason why small aircraft like these (among its contemporaries the DHC-6,Embraer 110,Let-410 etc ) are prone to crashes BUT if they stop flying into those difficult to reach places then who will?

  4. I don't think Airbus is serious in handling this C212 issue. It took them more than 2 years to certify an autopilot for a small aircraft. Poor PTDI for being slapped in the wrist.

  5. Buy latest 4+++ MiG-35 multirole fighter jets, it has 250km 3m2 radar range AESA, same fitted in latest SU-30SME but little more powerful in the US Super Hornet F/A-18EF (250km 5m3), and much powerful than latest F-16V Viper (165km 5m2), but much cheaper than any basic multirole jets with only 55-60 Million USD. we can buy more of this, as the back bone of our Air Force. It less operating cost than the SU-30SME.

  6. The design looks so weird.

    1. just look at US sherpa plane.. it looks like that for a reason..

    2. just look at the Sherpa Plane of US...

  7. Congratulation philippines for new aircraft

  8. Mabuhay philippines...thank u so much for buying our product


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