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Sunday, September 16, 2018

Philippine Navy's 2nd New Frigate to Conduct its First Steel Cutting Ceremonies

After a long break on discussions regarding the Philippine Navy's upcoming future frigates being built by Korean shipbuilder Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) under the Frigate Acquisition Project (FAP) of the Horizon 1 phase of the Revised AFP Modernization Program (RAFPMP), there are some important updates on the construction works of the warships.

The scale models of the two future frigates of the Philippine Navy, as provided by HHI to PN.
Photos provided exclusively to MaxDefense by one of our contributor.

According to official documents from the Philippine Navy (PN) and Department of National Defense (DND), the 2nd frigate, called internally by HHI as hull P160, should be scheduled to have its First Steel Cutting Ceremony tomorrow, 17 September 2018 at HHH's shipyard in South Korea. That is if there are no changes and problems encountered by HHI, or if the DND does not request to move the date as defense officials are currently busy on the aftermath of Typhoon Ompong / Mangkhut which may affect their attendance. No word though on who will represent the Philippines although it is expected that officials from the DND and PN would be there. So far the update was given only very recently, so we expect that HHI may not have any problems, and if DND doesn'ask for a schedule change, there is no other reason for the ceremony to not push through on 17 September 2018 as planned.

Photo was taken during the 1st frigate P159's First Steel Cutting Ceremony held in HHI's Shipyard in South Korea last 01 May 2018. A similar event will happen on 17 September 2018 for the 2nd frigate P160.
Photo taken from BusinessKorea website.

Meanwhile, the 1st frigate which is internally called by HHI as P159, is sheduled to have its Keel Laying Ceremonies on 16 October 2018.

Last May 2018, MaxDefense mentioned in a wall post that the 2nd Frigate's First Steel Cutting Ceremony is scheduled on September 2018. This means HHI's construction of the 2nd frigate is on schedule, and may reflect on HHI's accomplishments on the 1st frigate, as the production line is dependent on the accomplishments on the construction of the 1st frigate P159.

The scale model of the PN's future frigate as provided by HHI to the Philippine Navy.
Photo shared exclusively to MaxDefense by one of our contributor.

So far MaxDefense received information that several of the blocks of the 1st frigate P159 are completed, while many more are almost done, or will be done by the time keep laying starts next month. PN reports that HHI is confident that HHI will meet the scheduled Keel Laying Ceremony by 18 October 2018.

MaxDefense will provide updates on the First Steel Cutting of P160, as we expect news to be coming out days after the event. The same is also true on the Keel Laying Ceremony of 2nd frigate P159 on October 2018.


  1. Put a steel in the middle section to greatly reduce its RCS

  2. FAP - Symbol of government corruption at its finest. That's how they look the Phillipine Navy as expendeble because their lives are cheap and deserves such garbage equipment.
    - Shows also how korea looks on Filipinos - can easily be manipulated, cheated and swindled just look for the right or shuold I say wrong people to sweet talk. I don't see europeans arms manufacturers treat their costumers like this.

    1. You have to elaborate on your post more boss, since this deal has been deliberated repeatedly and on many occasions the leftists in congress has actually tried to stop the contract or re-align the budget ment for it. In fact there was the MPV program durign Arroyos term, the budget was there already and a congressman shot it down saying what the PN needs was small roro ships. Hence it was renamed to the SSV.

      Sweet talk us the Koreans? The voting public has been sweet-talk to the max the people with grandiose plans for prosperity and even this jetski president has promised us the skies and heaven. Why blame the Koreans? Corruption also is part of any acquisition even in European nations ang problema sa atin we are only starting to rebuild.

  3. Everything is right on schedule. May this first 2 frigates be the vessel for us to learn more on naval procurements and ship selection process. We have learned our lessons well.

  4. Looking at the scale model, the location of AShM between the hangar and the funnel seems very tight, I am afraid that when firing a missile during maneuver and slight movement of the missile to the left or right that it will hit (God forbid) either the funnel or the hangar....though elevating the AShM might reduce the hazard....and I why not enclose the mid part of the ship instead? stealth capability might be enhanced by doing so...anyhow, that's only my observation...Kudos to PN for this great milestone.

  5. I noticed your post in June 2018, that Trust Trade received a Notice of Award for an additional lot of 10,000 9mm Pistols, Striker Fired. I understand that these will be supplied by Taurus from Brazil. Why has the PNP awarded a contract to a manufacturer that is supplying a 9mm Luger, when the Technical Specifications specified 9mm NATO (like all other 9mm recently procured by the PNP and DND)? Even Taurus's website says using a NATO round in a weapon designed for a Luger is unsafe

  6. I hope no more additional orders for Bong Go class frigates.


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