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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Indonesian Armed Forces Exercise LATGAB 2013 Part 1: Marines Embark!

The Indonesian Armed Forces (TNI) is currently conducting a massive inter-services exercise dubbed LATGAB 2013, involving all the armed services. This started on April 15 and will end on May 29, 2013.

Due to the quantity of photos available, I will be dividing this thread into several parts, with this as Part 1: The Marines Embark their Landing Transports

Below are a collection of photos collated from different sources. Special mention to Ms. Audrey (aka / Audreydefence @ milnuts / audryliahepburn@kaskus)

Korps Marinir (Indonesian Marine Corps) troops disembarking their troop carrier lorries
(photos taken from onlyaudrey@timawa)

KAAV7 on display prior to ship embarkment 
(photos taken from onlyaudrey@timawa)

BTR-50s parked beside KAAV-7s
(photos taken from onlyaudrey@timawa)
BMP-3 also getting ready for ship embarkment
(photos taken from onlyaudrey@timawa)

Korps Marinir troops awaiting their turn to embark
(photos taken from onlyaudrey@timawa)

Korps Marinir and TNI Special Forces start to board KRI Makassar (590) and KRI Surabaya (591)
(photos taken from onlyaudrey@timawa)

KAAV-7s, BTR-50s, and BMP-3s roll and embark on TNI-AL landing platform docks
(photos taken from onlyaudrey@timawa)

more photos on next posts...


  1. I hope all of us Filipinos have the same idea in mind...SOON.

  2. See my compilation on Timawa Forum about this exercise.

    1. Hi Gombaljaya, I intend to use some of your photos on this exercise in my next blog. Please let me know if its ok. Thanks.


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