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Monday, December 18, 2017

Banned Again from Posting on Facebook

For our Facebook page readers, you may have noticed that we have been silent for the past 3 days. Unfortunately, Max Montero (the only admin of MaxDefense Philippines) is banned from posting on Facebook and replying messages in Facebook Messenger for a week.

Looks like our "friends" from the terrorist New People's Army and its so-called legal left wing legal groups are not happy with our recent posts about them.

Anyway, please spread the word that any worthy topic and discussion would be posted here.

Cheers everyone!

Max Montero


  1. May I suggest you create a Back up group on Google Plus

  2. I thought it was those corrupt officials of Navy and DND who requested to silent your page for awhile. We are here with you brother!

  3. Lol, why would FB ban you from posting news and opinions?

  4. At least you found a loophole

  5. yes i agree if you wil have a Google plus blog.
    and please do not ban those who are not t
    sharing the same views on some topics.
    it s waht we call "discussion' or exchange of opinions. do not be onion skin like other blogger that bans those criticize his opinions.


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