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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

MaxDefense Facebook Ban Could Be Coordinated with FOIC Sacking

After asking around our contacts and sources in the AFP and DND who are familiar of the situation, it appears now that my banning last weekend from posting on Facebook may not be from communist terrorists or their legal fronts, but may have to do with the impending relief of the Philippine Navy's chief / FOIC yesterday. It was a coordinated move, which includes making the entire process quick so any detractors won't be able to react fast enough.

This is to keep me silent when they started their move. MaxDefense only received the info on FOIC's confirmed relief on Monday night 18th December, when the change of command was done the next day at 0900H. By the time my Facebook account is up late this week, its too late.

Several sources confirmed that MaxDefense is being accused of being an unofficial mouthpiece of the Navy leadership, which is NOT TRUE.

While MaxDefense may have contacts in the military and defense establishment, our stand is based on our own opinion and not because we were told by certain people to be in this position. And in this case, based on black and whte evidence and personal accounts, MaxDefense agrees that the leadership change based on the issues of the frigate is unjust and unfair and threatens the frigate project by breaching RA 9184.

MaxDefense expects the media blitz to begin in favor of the DND and RAdm. Empedrad in the next few days, as they expect that no one from the Philippine Navy will speak up on the issue, and the people who made the move were prepared for this.

MaxDefense also thank its readers who diseseminated the info on my posting ban, and we also thank other FB-based defense pages like Pitz Defense Analysis and Inside Military Forum, among others, for posting related info without us asking.


  1. There is really an anomaly here.....

    Why relieve an FOIC who would standup and insist on having a system that is the best for the FAP from a system that is just acceptable? We will be paying just the same amount on either which of the system is installed. Right?

    Why choose the lesser capable from the best one? Why would the DND be the one to be followed instead of the end user which is the PN?

    Lot's of questions.....lot's of cover-up.....still tied up with corruption!!!

  2. At gusto pa nila isisi ke former foic mercado ang delay ng FAP ..

  3. DND MGA KURAKOT KAYO!!!DND MGA KURAKOT KAYO!!!DND MGA KURAKOT KAYO!!! Nakakainis kayo, Letche!! hail to the good soldiers of PN!!

  4. I think i'll leave this here as some (at least 2) of "Keepers of the data"'s minions are spurting rubbish against your back:


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