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Saturday, April 14, 2018

M113 Armored Vehicles Offered by Jordan for Donation to the Philippine Army

In one of our previous MaxDefense blog entries, we discussed that the Jordanian government has offered to provide the Philippine government two (2) Bell AH-1F Cobra attack helicopters for the Philippine Air Force (PAF). This is Jordan's help to the Philippines in its fight against ISIS-inspired terrorists like the Maute Group and Abu Sayyaf Group, among others, who are still not considered totally defeated despite the Philippine government's success in killing its leaders and most of its members during the months of fighting in the City of Marawi.

The deal involves the donation of the 2 helicopters, but the Philippine government needs to have the helicopters repaired and refurbished through the Jordanian Armed Forces, and the work, plus shipping to the Philippines, paid for by the Philippine government.

In addition, several MaxDefense @ Facebook posts we made mentioned about updates on the planned donation, wherein the PAF already identified, inspected and evaluated the 2 helicopters before Christmas last year, and that they gave a positive recommendation for its acquisition and funding. 

Recently, Pres. Duterte himself, in his speech in a bridge ceremonial opening in Mindoro Island last 03 April 2018, mentioned that the Kingdom of Jordan was providing the Philippine government "2 gifts" that are expensive. 

In our Facebook posts dated 04 April 2018, MaxDefense interpreted the "2 gifts" from Jordan to be the 2 Bell AH-1F Cobra helicopters that MaxDefense announced in August 2017. But after more information coming in from sources for the last few days, MaxDefense now believes that the interpretation we made earlier was incorrect, or more accurately, incomplete.

Instead, it appears that the 2 Cobra helicopters are just part of Jordan's Gift #1.

For more information on the Jordanian offer for 2 Bell AH-1F Cobra attack helicopters, please refer the blog entry below:

"Is the Philippine Air Force getting Bell AH-1 Cobra Attack Helicopters from Jordan?" - dated 21 August 2017.

So What is Gift #2?

Gift #2 is actually something else. And based on several information from sources, it appears that Jordan is also providing the Philippine government dozens of M113 tracked armored personnel carriers. 

They would also be donated, although the agreement involves the Philippine government paying for the repair and refurbishing done through the Jordanian Armed Forces, plus paying for the shipping of the armored vehicles to the Philippines.

One the RJA's upgraded M113A2, designated as the M113A2MK2-1J. It is fitted with a modified armored cupola to protect the gunner from enemy fire or explosion blasts. It also has an external carrying compartment which could allow it to carry other equipment especially those for the infantry units.
Credits to owner of photo.

No exact variant or quantities were provided to MaxDefense as of yet, but it is said to be, at least, more than 60 units, and MAY even include specialized models of the M113 family. These vehicles are said to have been part of those already stored by the RJA as they receives newer armored vehicles from other countries. The RJA is also a strong buyer of used armored vehicles, as they wisely use their limited resources to build up a strong Army in a very volatile region.

The Royal Jordanian Army operates more than a thousand M113A2 and the Jordan-upgraded M113A2MK-2J, including specialized variants like M577 Command Vehicles, M163 Vulcan Air Defense System vehicles, M901 TOW-mounted anti-tank vehicles, M106 Mortar Carriers, and M806 Armored Recovery Vehicles, and has in storage hundreds of M113s including M113A1 and M113A2 armored personnel carriers.

The M113s the Jordanians might be offering won't include the uparmored cupola, and external storage boxes, and other upgrades made by Jordan. Instead, it is expected that the armored vehicles will be in its basic form, probably without even the machine gun, and will be upgraded by the Jordanian government and paid for the by Philippine Army.
Credits to owner of photo.

Status of the Jordan's Offers:

While MaxDefense reported last time in its earlier blog entry that the 2 AH-1F Cobra attack helicopters were already recommended by the Philippine Air Force for acquisition, it is said that the Philippine Army is still finalizing its recommendation to proceed with the acquisition. 

In our previous blog entry, MaxDefense mentioned that the Philippine Air Force already recommended the acquisition of the 2 Bell AH-1F Cobra attack helicopters that Jordan was offering for donation. The M113 offer is tied-up to this, and would probably be accepted by the Philippine Army as well.

But MaxDefense was already given a heads-up by a source from the Mechanized Infantry Division saying that the Philippine Army is expected to push for the acquisition of the vehicles, and funding request from the national government. It appears that the funding for both the Cobras and the M113 from Jordan are not covered by the programmed Revised AFP Modernization Horizon 2 budget.

MaxDefense sources confirmed that accepting the offer from Jordan, despite the need to spend for repairs and refurbishing, is still a cheaper way of acquiring more assets to increase the armored vehicle fleet instead of buying new ones that are expensive. 

It is also expected that the Philippine Army will provide the 50-caliber machine guns, which would be acquired separately, or will be coming from Philippine Army stocks.

The Philippine Army, as mentioned by several sources, is in need of at least 300 M113 armored vehicles to allow the Mechanized Infantry Division to have sufficient vehicles to fill in its mechanized nfantry units. Currently, the Philippine Army has a little over 200 M113A1, M113A2 and M113A2+ in different variants, and many of the older M113A1 are in need of rehabilitation and refurbishing due to lack of it. Many of the newer M113s will be undergoing uparming as part of the Horizon 2 phase of the Revised AFP Modernization Program, which will be discussed by MaxDefense in future blog entries.

The Philippine Army is in need of at least 300 M113 tracked armored vehicles to fill the requirements of the Mechanized Infantry Division, and free up its wheeled 4x4 armored vehicles for other duties.
Photo taken from the collection of the late Mr. John Chua, who was a MaxDefense community member.

Since this not yet finalized deal between the Philippines and Jordan, there is still a chance that either or both offers from the Kingdom of Jordan may not proceed. This option is still possible, especially with Pres. Duterte at odds with the United Nations' Human Rights Commissioner, who happens to be a close relative of the King of Jordan, King Abdullah II. But MaxDefense is hopeful that cooler heads will prevail, and any odds between personalities won't affect the deal from happening.

Proceeding or not, MaxDefense is thankful for the Jordanian government's offer to assist the Philippine military in fighting the ISIS-inspired terrorists despite their resources tied up in fighting the terrorist threat in their own homeland.

More updates will be posted here @ MaxDefense as information starts coming in, however good or bad it may be.


  1. wow very thankful as we also gear up sir! salute to jordan

  2. Kinda weird just getting two cobras though. But if the afp likes it hopefully they can convince the higher ups to get the retiring ah1w's of the usmc.

    1. Sana nga ganitong scheme na lang ang subdan ng gobyerno nang ma maximize ang limited budget pati na rin ang alliance with US. Aside from m113s, Hamilton Cutters, and C130s, pwede na rin yung ibang retired AUH Cobras at P3 Orion since di naman umaabante yung LRPA Project ng PAF.

      Dagdagan na rin sana ng iba pang smaller vessels like yung sister ships ng BRP Alvarez.

  3. So dahil sa M113 may decommissione na AFV and sana ung AH-1F ma upgrade ng PAF with glass cockpit that can operate day/night in any weather

  4. Do we really need such a high-maintenance Attack Helicopter? There are other lower tier products with lower overhead like the A129 Mangusta or HAL Rudra. The Indians would give us a great deal for them.

    1. Yes we need an attack helicopter with an "ACCURATE" gun.
      look at Marawi Inaccurate weapons cost so much collateral damage.

      Any helicopter will do so long as it can carry a Remote Weapons Station.

      Because a guy sitting inside a huey shooting his machine gun with his hands & eyes. Will never be as accurate as a mechanically/electonically operated machine gun.

  5. Accepting "donations" even though needing money spent on refurbishments is a convenient side step to the president's "no buying second hand" policy. So the president can still brag he does not buy second hand goods, this instead a generous donation from a friendly country.

  6. Thank you so much for kingdom of jordan. At least from the outside they knew to the point the extremism is a danger to any country no matter what. Compare that to our bastard president who cannot swallow his big pride and not knowing the real problems plaguing the country and how to deal with it. If you ask me he is in the dark from the beginning on how to run the country as a whole. My patriotic feel for my country is in tatters and insulted because of him.

    1. What do you mean the President does'nt know the real problem ? ..Problem of extremism?..Tiga Mindanao iyan Presidente mas alam niya kesa tayo..alam niya ang matagal ng problema ng Mindanao...kaya nga niya dinurog ang Marawi para madala ang mga Muslim na nagkanlong o sumuporta sa Abu Sayyaf at Maute...para sa susunod ay di na sila ( muslim population)susupurta o magkakanlong ng kalaban ng gobyerno..

  7. Duterte should grab the opportunity on taking this important assets (cobra helis and 60+ units of M113 apc's) since he loosing support from the South in giving contracts to the Chinese instead of local populace on rebuilding. Fisherfolks who are jobless due to China's agression in WPS are joining cadre ranks in the hills, NPA are gaining in numbers esp. students .
    Nokor Kim trust the U.S. more than China as of now, so Duterte should wise-up and stop being naive on playing himself because he is being played by Mao at the end he will be alone with China and the rest of Asean community will be with the U.S.

  8. Mr max is US going to give Philippines excess Abhrams tank?

  9. Any update on the M113 Jordan initially planned to donate to PH?


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