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Monday, February 4, 2019

Philippine Navy Starts Procurement of Gun Munitions for new Jose Rizal-class Frigates

The Philippine Navy (PN), through the Philippines' Department of National Defense (DND) has finally started the procurement process for some sub-lots of the Philippine Navy’s Frigate Acquisition Project – Lot 2 covering ammunition for the upcoming Jose Rizal-class frigates.

A CGI image of the Philippine Navy's upcoming Jose Rizal-class frigates.
Photo taken from Hyundai Heavy Industries website.

In two separate Invitations to Bid (ITB) posted by the DND last 31 January 2019, they announced the bidding of two sub-lots under Lot 2C covering naval gun ammunition, with the following details:

* Lot 2C Sub-lot 1: 76mm Ammunition with an Approved Budget of Contract (ABC) of Php77,536,964.00.

The Oto Melara 76mm/62 calibre Super Rapid naval gun, which will be the main gun of the Jose Rizal-class frigates.
Photo taken from Leonardo's website.

* Lot 2C Sub-lot 2: 30mm Ammunition with an ABC of Php100,000,000.00. This covers the acquisition of: 6,000 rounds of 30mm High Explosive Incendiary (HEI), 4,000 rounds of Target Practice Tracer (TPT), and 4 units of Cut-Away models of both HEI and TPT rounds.

The Aselsan SMASH 30mm RCWS using the Bushmaster Mk44 30mm autocannon.
Photo taken from Aselsan's website.

Both sub-projects would be implemented under a Public Bidding mode of procurement.

The Philippine Navy is an existing user of the CTG 76mm ammunition, as it already has the Oto Melara Mark 75 76mm/62 caliber Compact naval gun in its arsenal. The same munitions will be used for the Jose Rizal-class frigates which features an Oto Melara 76mm/62 caliber Super Rapid naval gun.

The same is true for the CTG 30mm x 173 ammunition, which is also being used on the Oerlikon KCB 30mm guns installed on the Emerlec twin gun weapon mounts used on some of the PN’s Kagitingan-class and Tomas Batilo-class patrol boats.

With the Jose Rizal-class frigates, the munitions will be used by the Aselsan SMASH remote controlled weapon system (RCWS) which mounts the Bushmaster Mk44 30mm autocannon. Both frigates are armed with 1 such system.

As for the missiles and torpedoes for the Jose Rizal-class frigates, these would be purchased under a Government-to-Government (G2G) deal with specific countries since the approved weapon systems was I cluded in the submission made by the frigate builder Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) during the 2nd Stage bidding of the Frigate Acquisition Project Lot 1.

The anti-ship missiles will be the LIGNex1 SSM-700K C-Star missile from South Korea, while the short range anti-aircraft missile would be the MBDA Mistral from France. The torpedo is expected to be the LIGNex1 K745 Blue Shark lightweight Anti-Submarine torpedo also from South Korea.

MaxDefense expects the DND and PN to start the actual procurement of these munitions also within 2019.


  1. can the brahmos anti-ship fit in the vertical launchers of the jose rizal class?

  2. Are they acquiring Strales Ammunition for the 76 mm canon? It's very effective and more inexpensive than using ASM if the enemy vessel is within range.

  3. Are there any updates about the CIWS of the upcoming frigates sir?

  4. sir max is there any plans of manufacturing or getting licenses for these rounds? or like is Government Arsenal planning instead to make these

  5. Sir max what type of missile would our navy can suppose to put on its VLS? And what about its CWIS what model would the navy will prefer? I hope that the govt will pick the ESSM for its VLS, and phalanx 20mm for its CWIS, also hoping to put another CWIS to the upper of the bridge tower facing front, like the original incheon class that uses the 21 round RAM CWIS system.


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